9 ideas You must Try to Get Inner Relaxation during Stress

Inner Relaxation

How Do I Get Inner Relaxation – Do you feel stress? do you feel tired? Does your brain don’t let things go? Because stress is the number one enemy of many of us, learning to relax and unwind became paramount. Discover in this article 9 anti-stress ideas inviting to relax. Discover easy breathing or relaxation exercises after a busy day or a complicated week.

First of all, the right conditions for relaxation, the basics of relaxation:

  1. Wanting to actually relax and unwind : intention matters. Prepare mentally, create an appointment on your calendar if necessary, realize it is crucial for your physical and psychological health
  2. Light and balanced meal (watch out for excessive coffee or energy drinks, and alcohol of course)
    Try to have a regular sleep pattern
  3. Exercise at least one physical activity throughout the day (cleaning things! Walk half an hour a day, go out of your home…)
  4. And above all, turn off your laptop, television, computer, tablet computer, even for 15 minutes because you don’t have enough time to take an hour or more every day.

Home specific Solution for your Stress


  • Making your interior a calm and pleasant place helps you relax
  • Take inspiration from Feng shui to harmonize your interior with simple things like putting away your belongings, having room to move around, fixing small things such as the door that gets trapped, the chair that swings, the crack in the window, etc. plants in the living area, let in the sunlight when it is there and arrange the furniture well

Relax at home

Meditation and yoga

Relax with essential oils

Certain essential oils have soothing, relaxing and anti-stress properties . They bring well-being   and relieve anxiety, anxiety and stress.Two ways of using essential oils are the direct application on the skin during a massage for example or the diffuser.

  • For application on the skin: dilute the essential oil drops in a vegetable oil.
  • For a diffusion: dilute the oil drops in a little water. You’ll see a manual there if the diffuser is electric. You can use a perfume burner.

To unwind , you can use the following essential oils. They have soothing properties, promote comfort and fight against insomnia and nervousness:

  1. True lavender essential oil (2 to 4 drops in the diffuser)
  2. Ylang Ylang essential oil (2 to 4 drops in the diffuser or in the bath water)
  3. Chamomile essential oil (2 to 4 drops in the diffuser or in the bath water)
  4. Mandarin essential oil (2 to 4 drops in the diffuser)
  5. Frankincense essential oil (2 to 4 drops in the diffuser)

Breathing exercises

Have you ever noticed that under stress, breathing accelerates and becomes shorter! Long, deep breathing helps reduce anxiety. The breath reconnects us with the breath, with the vital energy.

Here are some stress-relieving breathing exercises you can do at home to help regain calm and feel calm:

Full and deep breathing exercise

It is a breathing exercise used also in yoga classes.We breathe through the nose sitting straight back (cross-legged or on a chair) By inflating the abdomen the thorax, then the part of the shoulders, inhale. At the expiration, the chest, the chest then the abdomen is brought back by us. We empty all the air. The exhalation is more than the inspiration through the nose only. It takes a while after taking several breaths that are full.

  • The lower part: abdominal
  • The middle part: the thorax
  • The upper part: upper chest, shoulders
  • We breathe through the nose only, sitting straight back (cross-legged or on a chair)

Alternate breathing exercise

The energy channels purifies and balances the left and right sides of the body. It is a slow, deep breath. Sitting cross-legged, or in lotus, back we will use the hands to block the right nostril in turn and then the left. Together with your hand open, the index and middle fingers folds; we close the right nostril with the left nostril with the ring finger and the thumb.

  • Inspiration is not longer than Expiration.
  • We breathe in with the identical nostril that has expired, so the right nostril, for 4 times.
  • We obstruct breathing for 4 times.
  • We close the right nostril then we exhale with the left nostril for 8 times.
  • And we repeat the same thing for several breaths.
  • Without blocking breathing, breathing may also be practiced. We’ll therefore pass the numbers 5 and 2 of the exercise above.

This breathing exercise enables us to focus on the technique and thus allows us to let go of what concerns us. We focus on the times of inspiration and expiration.

Relaxing through meditation

Did you know that 10 minutes of meditation a day is enough to provide well-being? Meditation has been practiced for millennia in Asia, mainly in India, the cradle of meditation. In the West, we are beginning to recognize its benefits such as letting go, reducing stress and anxiety, improving sleep, relieving pain.

The pink noise: rest and relaxation

Do you know the pink noise? A friend introduced me to it very recently. Subject to tinnitus, stress and the resulting insomnia, he began to listen to the pink noise before going to bed every night in a bath. Pink noise is a soothing and relaxing sound whose low frequency is similar to the sound of flowing water, or a running stream. It is a soft and deep sound. The feeling of well-being he feels at this time of listening allows him to fall asleep much more easily. It is relaxed and the anti-stress effect lasts for a while after listening.

Relax by letting our creativity speak


Dream catchers and other creative hobbies as art therapy

Yes, because having a activity alleviates a whole lot of stress! Attention is concentrated on the object in question, we reflect, we envision, we change our ideas. You will cheer up once the dream catcher is finished and perhaps also your self-esteem. The creation of objects, creative work may be a good therapy, because depression tends to weaken the image one has of oneself.

So of course, we are speaking to you about dream catchers, but art is also an excellent stress reliever ; relax with painting, music, sculpture etc… And if you do not feel the soul of a creative, start like me, with Art therapy coloring pages that are nothing like coloring pages for kids.

Writing A Dairy

Place our ideas on paper in order to evacuate them. This allows us to proceed. We can free ourselves for others or for a particular person who will not or read your own text, although we do not always dare to say what we have on our hearts. The objective is to release the anxiety or the emotion that one feels. You can try poetry or write a short story a book, For those who have an artist side!

We write an action plan which allows us to free our minds can also write down our objectives, our ideas and stop thinking about it because everything is noted.

Reading A Book

Reading a book clears your mind. It seems that 10 minutes of reading is enough for the body to relax. Diving into a book allows us to escape, travel, imagine and even learn things without forcing ourselves. Reading allows us to completely relax .

Relax outside

How to de-stress through sport

Because we are talking about relaxation here, we will talk about the way, through sport, to relax and relieve anxiety and stress.


Yoga is a complete discipline which harmonizes the body and the spirit thanks to a holistic technique (which takes into account all the dimensions of this Being like the physical, the mental, the emotional, the physiological, the energetic). The word yoga means union. Union of soul, body and spirit. Connected to meditation and born in India thousands of years ago, there are now several kinds of yoga, available to all, beginners, confirmed, adults, children, pregnant women etc..

Soothe you and permit you to let go.Yoga also offers relaxation exercises and breathing exercises Do not hesitate to discover this complete discipline by browsing our various articles on the subject.

Yoga is focused on:

  • Postures (asana)
  • Breathing (pranayama)
  • Comfort
  • Meditation

Running or walking, swimming

Practiced out of competition if you are stressed at the idea of ​​being in competition, these complete sports will allow you to relax, to channel your energy positively. So we’re not talking about performance here but regular practice, at your own pace and without pressure.

Relax in a floating bubble

Insulating yourself in a sensory isolation box is a very effective comfort technique that’s been gaining momentum in America for some time.

The principle Of Technic:

Permit float in a box of magnesium salt water. The water is at body temperature and the sensations on the surface of the skin are almost non-existent. We are completely isolated from sound or visual pollution from outside. It’s a moment of comfort where you are able to refocus and meditate. We fully disconnect and the sensation of wins us upon entering the water with the impression of being weightless. It is a really effective anti-stress technique.

Relax in the great outdoors

Since taking a deep breath is sufficient to relax and decompress. The stress of everyday life, kids, work, transportation or the city crowd etc… all these sources of anxiety that cause anxiety and aggravation.

How to simply stress out ?

On your rest or weekends day, do not hesitate to leave town for a couple hours. The countryside, the forest, the greenery are often a few kilometers away. Put on a large coat. It’s gray ? Then you will not tan this time. But taking the time to have a walk in the fresh air will help you anticipate the week. For the ones that are lucky, the mountain is close at hand. And since you have seen some breathing exercises above, take the chance to practice them outdoors.

If you are fortunate enough to live less than an hour from the beach, take advantage of it and try a meditation or comfort session facing the waves, welcoming the power of the ocean! This energy refreshing and invigorating.

Relaxation and relaxation thanks to animals

Horses and donkeys

” The horse is an entirely authentic animal. He has a look: as you are, you are taken by him. You can not cheat with him. If you are not true yourself, nor establish a relationship. Karine Martin, equitherapist and manager of the American Equestrian Therapy Society (SFE).

Horse therapy has gained credibility in recent years, and some psychologists use this technique to treat ailments such as phobias, depression, autism, etc..It’s a creature that establishes a bond, a relationship. It’s a social creature that has the capability to relax and soothe the person in contact.And because we always accept visitors and stables be aware that riding clubs, can’t all have our very own horse.This structure qualifies the donkey as a “generator of serenity”. All is said.

Aimed at children, this park offers educational activities to learn to respect others, to have self-confidence to trust others.

Relax in a cat bar

It consists of relaxing thanks to”ronrontherapy”. The cat, favorite animal of the French, has the reputation of being a”stress-relieving” creature. The “purr” soothes.You enter the cat bar to sip tea or coffee, enjoy a little pastry with the numerous cats, the real owners of the place.

The concept is based on respect for cats. The managers are attached to the well-being of the cats. There is not any question of waking them up in the middle of a rest or petting them. For a moment, they could slip away in cat bars and They’ll come to you and regain calm. Soothing and know that cats have been taken in animal protection associations and found in these atypical places a new home.

Keep Yourself Calm and Relax In Evening – Abrupt awakening, breakfast engulfed at full speed, arriving (almost) on time at work, do as much as possible, insert a meal taken on the move and quickly come home to look after the children or tasks that could not be completed on weekends. It is often tricky to make the most of the rest time when it comes time to drop out. Television, our evenings, displays continue to populate. Your mind is alert although you go to bed mentally exhausted. Relaxing is nevertheless crucial for our balance. Our body needs to our mind to disconnect. So how to really relax and above all when it’s short, how to optimize this time to the maximum? Above all, the diet has to be healthy and balanced.

Someone who drinks coffee to face his day is going to end up in a state of anxiety that attempts at relaxation will have the ability to thwart. The body will be put to the test for digestion, if we make meals that are too heavy and will have trouble. Same thing with those who are a little too happy about sugar. Hard for the body to be receptive. The same holds for sleep. Then the body will not be in a fantastic disposition for relaxation if a person sleeps badly. We must make certain that we can count on these bases that will help our body and mind to function Good sleep, good nutrition and sport. If you feel that one of these columns is missing then it must be remedied first. The relaxation means can be classified by us according to 3 axes which will interact together. Those which refer those which talk to the human body and the relaxing activities themselves, to the soul.


Relaxation is first in the head …

Conditioning yourself to rest – Prerequisite and basic condition for relaxation to work: you have to want comfort, make space for it. We take an appointment with us and we take this time without haste and without remorse. It’s not a question of thinking:”Quickly I have 15 minutes, I unwind quickly and then I instantly reply to the very important email”. We’re trying to get rid of the”must” or”I need to” for a short time. Relaxing is necessary for your health. It’s promised the earth will continue to turn during this little hour without you that you allow yourself.The idea is to come back to yourself, to refocus yourself. We’re now trying to reconnect with a different world which was there, calm, the world of time that flows imperceptibly’s world.

If an obligation is made by you right now that you don’t wish to completely disconnect then you won’t have the ability to relax.It’s a moment of existence a moment of respite and peace to your spirit, in the present which must belong to you fully.


Breathing is the key to true comfort. We cover it little focus, we forget it. Yet it is through her and thanks. Pillar of meditation, it’s necessary to pay attention and to return to it.One can’t imagine being at peace with a brief breath or a breath.

But how to breathe well then?

There are various techniques:

You have to relearn how to breathe with your stomach. Sit in a chair with your back or lie down. In any case, place your hand on your abdomen. While swelling your belly, while deflating your belly Exhale, inhale deeply and slowly.

Do a couple of cycles trying to envision the atmosphere circuit. This method of breathing is your oxygenation will therefore come to properly supply all your organs and your brain and will be optimal.If the brain is well fed, it is going to be on alert to recover.

Here is a breathing meditation exercise.Yoga offers a breathing technique called”alternative breathing” which may also be interesting. We breathe in one nostril, we breathe the other out, we breathe in exactly the same nostril and we breathe out another. You can do this exercise for a minute or two.

It’s necessary to put the breath at the middle of our attention. Often during stress, breathing is held but we do not notice it, it feeds stress and boosts tension. It’s the circle. To reconnect with the breath of one would be to acquire a solid asset to regain calm.


Visualization is an effective mental technique for destressing. Sitting or lying down, eyes closed, we direct our thoughts towards a positive memory, a moment in our life that was very pleasant or we imagine a scene of nature that we have already met. (A walk along the water, a walk in the mountains …) We relive the scene trying to involve all of our senses.

What did we see? What did we hear? Was there a special smell? We bathe in this memory and we nourish it, we prolong it. Try this technique. It is simple but can be effective in finding a little serenity.


Self-hypnosis, as the name suggests, is carried out alone, without the help of a professional, in which case we would speak of hypnosis. Here we seek to create a state of total relaxation, of letting go. Self-hypnosis is established at a work on breathing. This takes a little the components seen above up.The simplest is undoubtedly to discover some videos which help or will clarify you to reach this new state of awareness.


Meditation hasn’t been talked about as much as in the past few years and there’s a reason for this!The benefits of meditation are numerous and its exercise does not require any financial investment. Anyone can meditate.

If you don’t know anything about meditation and if you may even be careful of it or have doubts about its esoteric side know that it is now a tool for treating depression and anxiety recognized by medication.The idea of ​​meditation is to come to put them to detach yourself and therefore to be a spectator of your often negative emotions.

It is not empty, it’s a tricky exercise in the beginning because our mind has this annoying tendency to go from cock from the trivial to the important, from the past into the future.We can’t control our thoughts but we can control the impact they have on us. For the stressed, meditation is therefore a tool to defuse tension and regain inner stability. We learn to live in the judgment.


Sophrology is a bit at the crossroads of the western vision of relaxation and eastern meditation. Sophrology also seeks to create a state where one is present to oneself at a balance between one’s emotions and one’s behaviors if relaxation aims in the disappearance of anxieties and muscle relaxation. Sophrology provides exercises that will not allow you to relax but also to find a specific balance in yourself to finally find yourself in peace or harmony with the world.

Sophrology may be lived with the help of a sophrologist that will direct the exercises and will be able to find ways to untie certain knots of presence but also within the frame of the home in a group. It is important to note that sophrology is not accompanied by external stimuli to exist. Exit therefore the dim lights and the soft cushions. It is about finding a balance with the world as it really is.

Write your torments

Putting them can do a lot of good if you tend to loop around on your head on your troubles. Create a list of everything that worries you, prioritize them, consider an action plan. Planning and Slimming down will permit you to get the upper hand that you have in mind.If the loop starts during the night, do not hesitate to turn on the light again and take 10 minutes by writing to clear your head. This will allow you resume your night serenely and to get out…. Relaxation is also in the body


Nothing like a message to ease tension and relax. Several options are available to you. If you would like to indulge yourself a massage practitioner can be brought by you to your house and enjoy a rest in accordance. If your budget allows, try different types of message, there are certainly some that will be suited to you.

Other possibilities are available to you: self-massage or the massage chair. Here is one that we have tested and which will undoubtedly do you good.

Around the foot

We underestimate the importance of our feet and their impact on our well-being. Back home, you have to give them some thought by taking off their shoes and by giving them a foot tub.

If it gives you pleasure you can imagine investing in one of these machines but you can also more simply fill a bowl with lukewarm water and add some plants (marigolds, red clovers).

Top of the top there is this foot massager at homedics. Lastly, do not hesitate to check at the reflexology side, reflexologists can diagnose specific conditions that are stress-related and apply pressure.

Relaxing bath

It can be used by you again if you have a bathtub. Nothing like a hot bath to relax. Be careful not to take too hot a bath which will be more exhausting than relaxing.Instead of using a bubble bath (often very chemical), opt for a small combination of essential oils.

Here is a recipe:

  • Relaxing bath – magic recipe:
  • Mix the oils and distribute them in the water.

You can even try a bath with Epsom pain reliever salt. Pour 3-4 handles in the bath and wash with water. This salt relaxes the muscles and relieves stiffness and tension.


Yoga is more than a fashionable game and for good reason. Many are its benefits on the spirit and the human body. This activity does not require a heavy investment in equipment, a simple carpet is enough and it can be practiced in a group or alone at home.Ideally you can take a few courses to be more confident of your positions. All of us have. Why not organize a small session at home to get started? It is sure to be a time for relaxation and sharing.


The Qigong is a traditional Chinese gymnastics exercises which combine breathing, slow movements and concentration. The effects of regular practice are numerous and beneficial to health. It is an activity that you can do at home to find yourself, refocus and relax.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi Chuan is a bit like Qigong in the sense that we perform slow movements but it is more like a martial art with a spiritual dimension that is lacking in Qigong. It’s easier in a pleasant setting

Tidy up your house

Have you noticed it’s to tidy up and clean up and yet once launched it is a chore at all and over all you feel a real feeling of satisfaction when you’re done. We feel satisfied to have accomplished something positive and we feel better in our environment. Tidying up, sorting is a bit like putting the counters back and it feels good, it refocuses.

Surround yourself with plants

We don’t necessarily think about it, but plants have a beneficial effect on us and our ability to relax. Don’t hesitate to invest in more plants. It is also a relaxing activity to take care of them. They will make you well.

Use essential oils

This paragraph is the subject of a longer article on essential oils . Just know that essential oils are a excellent way to bring an effect of calm. Some of them have undeniable relaxing virtues. You will simply need to equip yourself with a diffuser and these few oils. You can also think about using incense for the same purpose.

Soft background music

It’s well known that manners are softened by music, it allows us to put ourselves in certain moods and in that of comfort. Nothing is more easy than finding relaxing music you simply have to do a search on anything or youtube. Do not hesitate to check music that you may not have thought of. The world’s audio offers an Amazing panel, It’s undoubtedly a whole world which is offered to you:Also know where sounds will be at the middle of well-being, you could create relaxing atmospheres. Be open, you will be pleasantly surprised.But we relax by doing a multitude of activities

A moment without screens

We’re all witnesses. Our life is always and much more populated by screens. At the office, in the evening, at home, we always switch from one screen to another. We are passive actors, victims of numerous notifications and other messages that want to attract our attention. It is exhausting for us and therefore for our mind.

You have to try to make reductions. We can imagine forbidding ourselves from taking a look at their emails following 7 p.m., and we can envision turning off all their apparatus from 10 p.m.. And why displays? It is promised the earth will continue to rotate.

Read Books

Nothing like a good book to relax. Avoid works related to your action that keep you. Prefer. Prefer a kindle or a real book but don’t read on a computer screen and mobile phone and particularly at bedtime. You may undergo the effects of beams which will make it difficult for you to fall asleep and are exciting for the brain.

Creative hobbies

Now here’s the big secret of relaxation:

Relaxation is not doing nothing, it is, on the contrary, getting lost in an activity that makes the body work and keeps the mind away from the worries of the present.

There are dozens of creative hobbies and there is bound to be one for you. Whether it’s music, ikebana or Mandala, the main thing is to take care of your hands and enter a state of de-stressing flow. Check out this article if you want to know more about all the creative hobbies available.

Invite friends for a drink or dinner

Relaxing isn’t isolating yourself. Invite your friends for a drink at home and improvise a meal together. It’s not necessary to formalize. It is the side that makes things enjoyable. It is better to see yourself a little and often rather than the other way around. In any case don’t neglect to maintain your friendships. An attentive ear on the opposite end of the telephone or a quick head leads to your well-being and therefore to your overall relaxation.

Watch a video or comic film

Nothing like bliss as stressful. Plan a moment of relaxation with a movie or watch some movies that are viral on sites that are humorous. Laughing is essential to our well-being. We have a tendency to take many things seriously.

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