How to check my Target Visa gift card balance

How do I know how much I have on a Target gift card? Target Visa gift cards come with instructions that include a toll-free phone number. You can use the automated system to check your gift card balance. There is a 16-digit gift card number on the front of the card, as well as a 4-digit PIN on the back. You can also check the balance of your Target Visa gift card online. Before making a purchase, it is important to know the balance. Do you know why? If the price of the item or product you want to buy is more than the balance on your card, your card will be rejected.

How do you use a gift card?


Birthdays, holidays, and other special occasions are common occasions to give gift cards. Gift cards give recipients the freedom to choose what they want. Target is a popular retailer that offers gift cards. The card does not have to be used up in one transaction; you can make several purchases with it. If you check your Target gift card balance, you’ll be able to see exactly how much is left on it.

You can use another form of payment to complete your Target Visa gift card purchase if your balance on the card exceeds the purchase amount. Tell the cashier that you want to use a specific amount on your Target Visa gift card. You can then use another method of payment for the remaining balance.

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How to check my Target Gift Card Balance Online

  1. Checking a Target Gift Card Balance is a very simple process that any individual can do easily. Here ae are sharing a step by step guide how you can check the Target Gift card balance online with few clicks. Just follow the below process.
  2. You will need to flip the Target gift card over. On the lower left corner, there is a gray rectangle that says, “Gently remove to check balance and use at”
  3. The gray rectangle should be scratched off. Rub the coin back and forth with a coin until the gray coating disappears. You will discover your access number and card number.
  4. Visit Target at You will find a “Gift Cards” tab at the top of the page.
  5. Take a look at the left side of the page and scroll 1/4 of it down. You will find a tab labeled “Check Your Balance.”
  6. Put your card number and access number in the appropriate boxes. Please include all dashes in your card number.
  7. After entering the card number and access number, click “Submit”. The balance of the card can be found under the “Available balance” heading.

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How to Check Target Gift Card Balance By Phone

Your Target gift card balance can also be checked by phone. Its is more easier than checking your Target Gift card balance via Website. Here are the few steps that you can follow easily.

  1. By calling (800) 544-2943, you can access the automated system that allows you to check the balance on your gift card.
  2. Take a moment to listen to the opening message. When the operator tells you to scratch the card, you will see the number and access code.
  3. Whenever the operator requests it, enter the 16-digit code from your card. For the number, leave out the hyphens since they are not needed over the phone.
  4. You will be told the balance of your gift card by the operator. Please press “1” to hear the balance again.

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Frequently asked Question

Can you check your Target gift card balance online?

Many people do not know about gift cards. These gift cards are like checking your gift card account or your balances in your target gift card. To know more about target gift card, it is recommended that you check out any target gift card store or you can even ask the person sitting in the cash counter. You can ask the cashier sitting in the counter to check the gift card balances for your account or for you. You can also check your balance in the number below or call target@ – 1-800-544-2943.

In addition, how do you activate a gift card?

One of the important things that you will note is that there is no need for you to activate the gift card. A gifts card is activated when you purchase something from the store. Also, recipients of the gift cards need to activate the gift cards prior to they being used by the person. By simply phoning the merchant you can activate a gift card or by using the URL that will be provided to you and by giving the activation numbers.

So, what is the Target Gift Card Number?

Target gift card number is the 15-digit number and you can have access to the number or PIN. On the back of the Target Gift Card, there is a number that, you will find hidden under the sliver strip, which you have to remove. One of the things you should know is that the card can also have sequence Number or an event.

How much is in my gift card visa Check Card Balance ?

The important thing that you have to do is simply enter the 16-digit Mastercard, Discover Reward Card, or Visa number. After that enter the 3 digit CVV number that is given at the back of the card. At the far right side of the signature box at the back of the Gift Card, there is a 3-digit number, so you can check the balance as there is no charge for it.

How Can I Get Cash from a WalMart Gift Card?

There is no way that you can get cash from any Gift Card or Walmart Gift Card.  But there are other ways to cheat and get this done. All you can do is simply buy an item that is more than the balance on the Gift Card. Then pay the money for the item using Gift Card and cash.  So, this will cover the difference.

How much money is left on my prepaid MasterCard?

You can visit the site at or you can also call @ 1-855-288-0926 to know more. A shopkeeper will not be able to tell you about how much money is remaining on your Mastercard prepaid card.

Where is the Card number on a Gift Card ?

On the back of your gift card, you can search the gift card number that is below the barcode. Also, on the back of your card, you will get the PIN. But to know the PIN you will have to lightly scratch it. You can scratch it with a coin and then you will get a 4-digit PIN.

Can I use the Walmart Gift Card Online?

You can use the Walmart Gift Card details and there is no limit in the Card to use it online. The different types of gift cards that you can use is Walmart, Sam’s plastic gift cards, eGift Cards. These all cards can be used in Wal-Mart Stores, retails etc. in US or Puerto Rico. You can also use these gift cards at Sam’s Clubs. One of the approximations is Walmart Gift Card.

Why isn’t my Visa gift Card Working?

One of the reasons as to why the card is not working, is because it has not been activated. It can also be that the cashier is running the wrong type of transaction. Also, if the dollar amount is higher than the balance in the gift card or the credit card. Or it can be possible that the processing machine has enhanced the amount of charge to place a hold on the card or allow for a tip.

Can you buy cigarettes with a Walmart gift card?

Yes, you can buy cigarettes with a gift card. And, if you can’t buy, then return the card and get cash and then buy the cigarettes.

Can you track a Walmart Gift Card?

How Can I Check My Debit Card Balance Online?

Simply login to your banks website. Go to the official website of the bank or download the banking app. There you can know your balance. Or you can go to an ATM and check your account balance. You can also sign-up for SMS alert, or ask a bank department. Or you can call the bank service line.

How do I check the balance of my Visa prepaid Card?

You can check your balance or visit the site at or you can also call @ 1-855-279-3206 to know more. A shopkeeper will not be able to tell you about how much is left in your Visa prepaid card.

How much is on my metro card?

People can now check their balance on Subway gift Card in 3 ways – Firstly, you can visit any Subway store. Next, you can ask the cashier to check the balance that you make. Or you can create an account and enquire your balance online at or Call Subway @ 1-877-697-8222.

Can you give Disney Plus?

One of the best things you will know about Disney Plus, is that you can Gift it to someone for $70. One of the mandatory streaming service is Disney Plus. That too if you have kids, or if you love  movies. Off late Disney propelled a 1-year Gift subscription to Disney Plus for $69.99, which is a good option for holidays.

Can you use a sonic gift card online?

One of the best things that you will know about Gift Cards is that it can be purchased at any of the SONIC location. Also, you will know other things is that you can refill SONIC Cards online. It can be done at your local drive-in or through the SONIC app. Apart from that one of the great news is that you can also get special SONIC incentives, all that you have to do is simply top-up SONIC card. Apart from that, the incentives includes food and beverages. You can enquire about the type of food online.

Can you buy Disney gift cards on Amazon?

Some of the places from where you can buy the Gift cards are Dollar General Stores, Uber, Taco Bell, Subway, the queens’ diary gift cards and sonic gift cards etc.

Can you buy Disney gift cards on Amazon?

One of the most important things that you should know is that gift cards can be sent to the people and cannot be redeemed online. However, it can be redeemed online at Old Navy, banana republic, or Athleta.

How do I redeem my Disney eGift card?

For this, you will have to show the barcode in your mobile to the store cashier. Then the barcode will be printed and you have to take the print along with you or you can even transfer your balance regarding a gift card @

How do you check how much money is on a Walmart Gift Card?

You can check the balance with a 16-digit card number and a 4-digit PIN. Apart from this you can check it online or in the store or by calling @ 1-888-537-5503.

How much money does my Starbucks gift card have?

You can check the balance at phone or online. You will require a 16-Digit card number and 8-digit card security code. It will be given at the back of your card and you can verify the balance.

Are all Disney Gift Cards rechargeable?

Gift Card Features –

These cards do not expire and it can be reloaded at many locations. Some of the places where the card can be reloaded are Disney resort in California, US, Puerto Rico, Canada, Florida etc.

Can I use a Gap Gift Card at Baby Gap?

When you check in your hotel, you will get a dinner gift card and theme park tickets. It is only available at Disney quick Service restaurant locations. The Disney quick service – dinner cards do not expire and you can check the balance on the receipts.

How do I use multiple Disney gift cards online?

You can go on the Disney website and there you can combine all into one. That is to combine the multiple gift cards into one. When you log in to the website there will be an option Manage Cards, and then transfer balance option. So, you can do it this way. Choose one card as your main card and then transfer rest of the cards or its balance to that one.

How do I check my Disney Rewards Cards Balance?

In your Disney rewards redemption Card, you can check the balance by going into the, you can go to manage accounts and check the balance, or you can call at-1-800-300-8575. If you have used the part of the balance then the remaining one will be printed on the receipt.

How do I check my Disney Rewards card balance?

You can check the balance in the methods mentioned above. Plus, this quarter and July to September there is a bonus category in Amazon home improvement stores and you can get tons of gifts cards from there but they do not sell Disney Gift Cards.

How much is on my Visa Gift Card?

Check Card Balance

In the online website, you will have to enter 16 Digit Visa or Discover Reward Card or MasterCard number and then the 3 digit CVV code. This CVV code is given at the back of your card and there is no charge to check your balance. In the gift card at the back of the card where there is signature box, you will get a 3-digit number, that number is also important.

Can the Disney Gift Card be used as food?

You can purchase annual passes, admission tickets, spa services, resort hotel rooms, merchandise, and dinning and recreation services. Theme park parking tickets can be purchased.

Does Sonic have a reward card?

If you purchase SONIC MY CARD, then you can get loyalty free rewards and discounts and you can use these benefits for sonic drive in restaurants. Online you can check their website to get details on the SONIC customer loyalty points program.

How much is on my McDonalds gift cards?

You can visit the website of McDonalds A/c Card Balance. Make sure that you keep nicely the activation and recharge receipts. If your card is stolen then you will be required the same to restore it.

Do Disney Dinning cards expire?

Yes you can purchase dinning. Apart from that, you can also purchase admission tickets, annual passes, resort hotel rooms, merchandise, and dinning, recreation, and spa services. Theme parks parking tickets can also be purchased through Disney Gift Cards. You can use the gift cards for Walt Disney resort vacation can also be used.

How do I pay with a Gap Gift Card Online?

You can check their website and click on the pay button in the upper right corner. Then, in the payment corner enter the 16-Digit card number and 4 digit PIN on the back of the card and then click apply. This is the only way you can pay with Gap Gift card online. Make sure that you don’t share your PIN with anyone.

Can I Buy a Gap Gift Card Online?

To know that you can check online. You can get a Disney quick service dinner gift cards and theme park tickets after you check in into a hotel. That too, this is available at a Disney quick service restaurant locations and not elsewhere. And after you spend, the remaining balance will be printed in the receipts. Remember that Disney Quick Service Dinner cards do not expire.

These were the above 2 easiest way to check your Target gift card balance, always remember that gift cards are use to get some benefits, these can also be misused, if you lost your gift card call customer support immidately to get it blocked. You can find more about gift cards and balance check at

If you still have any trouble in checking your gift card balance dont hesitate to comment use below

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