How to have a Facebook page verified / certified?

How to have a Facebook page verified

How to get Verified Your Facebook Page – Facebook recently published an article describing the new way of requesting verification of a Facebook profile or page (blue badge). You knew it, in this article, we will see the way to have a Facebook page verified. It needs to be understood that this article explains how to request verification. In no case does this guarantee that the request will be accepted.

Why to Insist On Having a Verified Badge


Using a verified Facebook page will allow you to give credibility Existence on the social network. Products or services that you share and the information will then be convincing. It’s also a way to reassure Your audience about your credibility. People create pages with similar names.

How to get Eligible for Facebook Verification Badge ?

Your Facebook page must comply with criteria and the service requirements of The network community. In addition, the requesting account needs to:

  1. Be authentic: This means that your Facebook account must represent a real person.
  2. Be unique: Your account has to be the sole existence of the entity it represents.
  3. Be famous: Your account has to represent an individual, a new or a well-known known entity.
  4. Blue badge is not for everyone.

How Get A Verified Badge From Facebook

To apply for a verified page, you want to complete the Facebook form you will find here. It is in English, but do not First, you will need to choose what you would like to have confirmed: a Facebook page or profile. Then, you have to transfer a document that attests to the identity you represent. For instance, this can be a passport, To get a profile. For a business it can be a telephone bill in its name.

Finally, you are asked by Facebook Why you want a certified page. You can simply answer:”I’d like that page to be verified so my customers know it is our official Facebook page”. All you have to do is click On”Send” to send and await the response from the Facebook authorities.All right, you know how to have the famous blue badge Right of your Facebook page name. All you have to do is provide Facebook With the documents that are necessary and wait for their decision.

Other Tips Which Can Help You To Boost your Facebook Popularity

Other Tips Which Can Help You To Boost your Facebook Popularity

With competition on social networks, it is not easy to succeed In developing there. This guide, based on an Social Media Research , provides you 10 tips to get there.

Benchmark – In order to determine if your marketing strategy is successful choose a benchmark. By way of instance, you can compare the number of the number of likes on your Facebook page and articles on your articles.
This is very important Because, if the results are not there, you want to change your strategy.

Know your audience – Knowing your audience (customers And prospects) is super important. In order to refine this need To know and understand your audience, you can create Personas. If you’re interested in the topic you can consult this article:” How to make a useful Persona for your advertising strategy”.

Choose the social networks – You do not have to put Yourself on all networks. It makes more sense to choose the ideal platforms for you. How? ‘Or’ What ? Just visiting the ones that used by your audience. For example, if you aim generation Z, understand That they will be present on YouTube the social networks Snapchat and TikTok.

Be current on a management platform –  In order to manage your The networks and time you use, you want to use a management platform. This will allow you plan your own publications in one place and to view the news.For Here is a video from our station, which introduces you.

Think about your books – Now that you have chosen your Networks and taken a management tool, you need to consider the sort of content. And will? Planning Important in order to have content that is current.

Create a bookseller – After thinking about what Type of publication you will post, you will need the videos or images that go with it. Bringing it all together will be a fantastic strength. Photos, you may use the Pixabay site.

Chat with your readers –  So as to bring the Community to life in your platforms, you have to communicate with your subscribers. You shouldn’t be reluctant to converse with them. It is an effective method of getting to know them better and, therefore.

your business’ worth –  Be Sure to share your Company’s worth on media. An example of values: respect for defense of the environment, life or people in need Recent topics.

Be responsive – You need to be responsive. By way of instance, if you are on a significant event and Twitter affects your business. Do not hesitate to share information by means of a Tweet. If you have the same applies Scheduled a book on a place and something is happening there. Your book must be, if necessary, modified by you without delay.

Seek the advice of your team – Opinion of your group, your collaborators or even your ambassadors. They can assist you in finding excellent ideas. Like, for the little extra, a campaign theme or example about developing a publication.

By following these 10 tips you will be able to build a strategy for Your existence on networks. Pay attention 2. You will be able to offer them if you can understand your audience Content they like.

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