How to Check Your Shopify Gift Card Balance


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How to Check Your Shopify Gift Card Balance

How to Check Your Shopify Gift Card Balance? – Nowadays girl cards have certainly gained a lot of popularity and most of the e-compare companies try to promote their brands bny offering free gift cards. It is one of the most effective marketing strategies that helps a brand to get recognized easily. You might have a Shopify gift card with you but have no idea how much is in it, so this guide is surely for you. We will be providing you with comprehensive information on how to check your Shopify Gift Card Balance. Go through the article carefully so you do not miss out on shopify gift card check balance.

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Key Takeaways

  • Shopify gift cards are prepaid vouchers issued by Shopify merchants.
  • Customers cannot directly check their balance.
  • Merchants can check a gift card’s balance through the Shopify admin panel.
  • Checking your balance helps you manage your spending.

What is Shopify ?

Shopify is a platform that has started gaining popularity, it allows you to set up your own online stores, isn’t it fun. You can grow your business using Shopify and also sell your products online. Shopify also provides a user-friendly interface along with better management tools so that you can manage your business without any fuss. 

Shopify also helps you in creating your website, there are various themes and templates from which you can choose. The best thing is that you do not need any coding knowledge for doing it. Shopify also offers facilities like fulfilling orders, processing payments and tracking inventory.  Apart from that you can also market your own products by using techniques like search engine optimization, social media integration and email marketing. 

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What is a Shopify Gift Card?

Shopify gift cards are mainly offered to the retailers that come with Shopify packages. These are prepaid vouchers that can be used to purchase goods. These gift cards come with a balance and thus it is important for you to check the balance of the gift card beforehand.  

Shopify gift cards are quite similar to other gift cards that are provided from Google, Amazon or Apple. The Shopify gift cards have code on them which you can enter during checkout and get an instant discount. So, therefore it is important for you to run a shopify gift card balance check.

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Why does your Store need a Shopify Gift Card ?

Shopify gift cards can be one of the best tools for you to attract customers. You can develop your e-commerce company by distributing free gift cards, it will not only bring more customers but also build brand awareness.  There are a number of advantages to distributing Shopify Gift Cards from your store. Check out the benefits below:

  • Attract More Customers

Giftcards play an important role in bringing more customers in business. Gift cards help in maintaining a better cash flow and according to a survey it is found that more than 60 percent of the users spend more using their gift cards. During occasions like Christmas distributing gift cards can offer your store a major advantage in boosting sales.

  • Increases Customer Loyalty

Gift cards also have an extensive role in generating customer loyalty. The customers who visit your store more frequently or are regular customers, you can simply give them gift cards. It will increase your customer retention rate and your brand will get more recognized by word of mouth of the customers.

How To Check Your Shopify Gift Card Balance ?

If you are looking to check your Spotify Gift Card Balance, you need to follow some of the basic steps mentioned below:

Note: (Shopify does not provide customer to check gift card balance directly)

Check Through Admin Panel

  • First you need to navigate towards the product area of your admin panel.
  • Locate the “Gift Cards” option over there.
  • You need to enter the gift card number of the customer and then click on view information.
  • Once you click on it, you will be able to see the outstanding balance of your Shopify Gift Card.

Updating Gift Card Through Mail

Another option to check or monitor your gift card balance is through email by sending an updated gift card to the customer. You just need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • You need to go to the Shopify admin page.
  • Select “Products”
  • Then Select “Gift Cards”
  • Next click on “Resend Gift Card” to the customer again.
  • The customer will be getting all the information of the Shopify gift card including outstanding balance.

How To Check Shopify Gift Card Balance On Phone ?

Unfortunately, it is not possible for the customers to check Shopify Gift Card Balance on the phone directly. The main reason behind it is that Shopify only offers their platform to stores and thus it totally depends on the particular store on how they are going to check the balance of their customers. So, if you want to check your Shopify Gift Card Balance you need to visit that particular store and ask them to do it for you.

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Can I Check My Shopify Gift Card Balance Online ?

First of all you need to be sure about the fact that Shopify does not allow the customer directly to check their balance and thus you need to get help with your store from where you have purchased your items. If you are looking to check your Shopify Gift Card Balance you can simply visit the store’s website. If you are still unable to check your balance, directly contact the customer executive of that particular store.

Where To Find Shopify Gift Card Balance Code ?

You might have received a digital or a physical Shopify Gift Card Balance but you do not know how to find your gift card balance code. Do not worry as we are going to provide you information on how you can find your Shopify Gift Card balance code.

For Physical Card

If you have a physical card you can simply check the balance code in front or back of it. You can see digits already printed over there consisting of letters and numbers.

For Digital Card

If you have got a digital card then you can search for the balance code in your email. Just search in your email “gift card code” and you will be able to find your Shopify Balance code quite easily.

Why is it important to check your Shopify Gift Card balance?

Shopify gift card check balance is quite important as it helps you in managing your finances well. 

  • Tracking Your Balance

Checking your balance will help you to track your balance and you can make your spending decision without hesitation. 

  • Avoid Overspending

Another thing is that you will not end up overspending and only purchase items keeping in mind about the outstanding balance.

  • Planned Purchases

Knowing your gift card balance will help you in making planned purchases. If you are sure about your balance, you can make a pre-planned decision on buying specific items.

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Bottom Line

Thus, it can be concluded that Shopify gift cards are of high value for the merchants to attract new customers and also retain them. The only drawback about the Shopify gift card balance is that customers cannot check the balance without the help of the admin. However, merchants can check the balance of the customers by visiting Shopify Admin Panel. The Shopify gift cards are also valuable to the customers as they can get discounts on purchasing products. It is highly recommended for the customers to check their Shopify gift card balance by contacting Shopify admin and thus they can track their Shopify gift card balance easily. To know about more gift cards and financial guides visit 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How to Check Your Shopify Gift Card Balance ?

While Shopify gift cards don’t offer a direct way for customers to check their balance, there are options for merchants to look it up.
For Merchants
Log in to your Shopify admin panel.
Navigate to Products > Gift cards.
Enter the gift card number or search for the customer who purchased it.
Click on the gift card to view its details, including the current balance.

Why Check Your Balance?

Knowing your Shopify gift card balance is important for making informed purchases and avoiding overspending. It allows you to plan your shopping and ensure you have enough funds for the items you want.

Is there any Shopify app to check gift card balance ?

You cannot check your gift card balance using the Shopify app. If you are looking to check your balance you just need to contact that particular store from where you have purchased it.

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