Metro pcs phone upgrade deals for existing customers


Deals on Metro PCS Phones for Current Customers  – Firstly, before starting the article with the topic Deals on Metro PCS phones for existing customers. Let’s understand what Metro PCS is. Metro PCS is a mobile virtual network operator (MNVO). This operator uses the 4G and 5G networks of T-Mobile to run the services as a prepaid or no-contract carrier. This network operator is also known as the Metro by T-Mobile. So, if you want to know every detail regarding Metro PCS phone deals for current customers then read this article till the end as it contains all the relative details that are necessary for you. The best part of this T-Mobile network is that it ranks third in terms of nationwide coverage in the whole United States. If you choose this provider then you can confidently do your work like staying in touch with your loved ones, working online, learning online, etc.

The best part is that this carrier also offers a variety of promotions to the customers who have been using this network for a long time and are loyal customers. One more thing is that this career also offers tonnes of discounts to their customers that will surely attract you towards it. It provides inexpensive mobile phone plans and it will attract more customers. With this, they provide amazing cell phone deals. If you are interested in knowing all the facts and want to learn more about these amazing Metro PCS phone discounts then all the relative details that are relevant for you are mentioned below. So, just go through it.

Benefits of Metro PCS Phone Deals for Existing Customers

Now, after knowing about the Metro PCS phone deals you have to know about the various benefits that they offer to their customers. All the related benefits are given below. Metro PCS provider offers various advantages to both current and potential users and when you compare this provider to other traditional US cell phone providers then you will come to know that it is a better one. If you still have confusion regarding whether you pick up for the service provider or not then the several justifications are given below that will help you in picking Metro PCS as your top carrier.

Robust Network

With this service provider, you will get the advantage of a robust network as well. This carrier provider utilizes the robust T-Mobile 4G LTE and 5G networks because this provider is having a large network coverage area and with the help of this it provides its services to the customers. One more thing is that it uses bands 4 and 12 for this network. Therefore, you can say that 1900, 1700, and 700 Hz sequences are used by these bands. It uses these three frequencies and this will help them in covering the wide network area. If you are having a mobile phone with support of only 2G or 3G networks then still you don’t have to worry because it also uses the 1900 MHz frequency. This frequency will support your phone and provide you with a strong network connection. This is one of the reasons for the popularity of this carrier provider.

Adequate Network Coverage

If you choose this carrier service provider then you will get adequate network coverage. As you all are aware that every cell phone owner wants to be able to stay in touch with their loved ones, wherever they go. If you choose any other service provider then you will not get adequate network coverage because some of the network providers offer their services only in a few states of the United States. However, Metro PCS is one of the network services provided that cover a substantial portion of the United States. For this reason, this service provider ranked number 3 in the whole United States. The best part is that its network coverage is also available in remote locations and you can connect with your loved ones easily.

Prepaid carriers include Metro PCS

These carrier providers include prepaid carriers as well. Just provided is not like other providers because this carrier provides amazing contract-free mobile phone offers to all of its current clients. The best part is that if you want to terminate any of your offers at any time then you can do this and can easily choose any other offer according to your convenience. You can upgrade yourself without any worry because this career will not be obligatory for their customers. The best part is that it will not charge any termination fees and this thing motivates many people to upgrade their services. Therefore, this provider is considered one of the best and most adaptable MNVOs in the whole United States.

Availability of several shopping establishments

You will get the availability of several shopping establishments of this carrier provider and through this, you will get these shops wherever you wish to get a Metro PCS compatible phone. This service provider’s services are available in the whole United States due to this thing, it developed a wide range of retail establishments. This benefit will help you in getting a mobile phone contract along with mobile phones. So this is one of the best advantages of the service provider that you will get their services at any shop or anywhere.

$50 instant rebate from Metro PCS for current Metro PCS customers

If you are a person who is already a customer of this carrier service provider then you will get an instant rebate of dollar 50 from Metro PCS means you will save even more money with the upgradation of your current device. One more thing is that if you are a customer of a dollar 60 unlimited LTE plan then there is one more advantage for you as the rebate of dollar 50 will automatically credit to your account. Therefore, with the help of this rebate system, you can virtually afford mobile gadgets means you don’t have to go to the stores. The list of gadgets that you will get is ZTE Avid 4, LG Aristo, and others.


If you are choosing this network provider then you will be getting various advantages and tethering is one of them. This provider is considered one of the best carriers nationwide network because it offers limitless hotspots to its providers that will help them when they used up all of their daily data. With the help of this thing you can communicate with your loved ones, can conduct business, can continue working, can learn, and the best part is that all the services are available at reasonable prices. Therefore, you can afford them easily. The only thing you should keep in your mind is that you should be a subscriber to this carrier’s unlimited plan because only then you can take all the advantages of hotspots and other things.

Bring your phone

With this carrier services, you can use your current phone as well because it is not possible for everyone out there to buy new phones due to their high prices. So to deal with this situation you can utilize your phone on the Metro PCS network. The best part is that you can use your phone with this career service as long as it is compatible and unlocked means there is no time limit that you have to follow. So if you want to bring your phone to this career then check its compatibility with the help of the carrier’s website before going to any other thing. Therefore, you can use the GSM technology as well because it is also offered by this carrier or network provider.

Exceptional client service

If you are facing any issue with the services of this carrier then you can contact them as well because this provider has a great base of client services. You can call their customer service department at 1-888-863-8768. One more thing is that if you don’t want to call them then you can reach out to your nearby Metro PCS store as well because many of you want in-person services. Through the nearby stores, you will get assistance from the advisors and they will help you in resolving your issue.

Hopefully, all the above mentioned advantages or benefits provide you full insight into the services that are offered by MNVO in the United States. You can make up your mind after going through the above-mentioned advantages.

After changing carriers, how to activate a Metro PCS phone

When you switch to any other carrier with Metro PCS carrier service provider then you have to follow a certain procedure to activate a Metro PCS phone. If you don’t know about the complete procedure then read it further as all the related details are mentioned below. The first thing you will be required to have is, your device once you choose to switch to Metro PCS carriers. This network provider provides you and assists you in buying a new model even regardless of whether you are having old handset. So, the complete procedure that you should have to follow when you wish to activate your Metro PCS mobile device is given below. So, just go through it.

  1. The first and very most thing that you should have to prepare is your SIM card and mobile device.
  2. You have to carefully note your IMEI number on your phone. If you don’t know this number then you can dial *#06# on your phone and you will get your special number on your phone screen. There are two more options also available and by using them you can get the IMEI number. You can check it in the settings area of your phone and you can check your battery area because this number is located near the battery of your phone.
  3. You can pick up your plan according to your needs.
  4. You should have to provide your personal information and including your name, phone number, email address, and various other important things.
  5. After providing all the details that are mentioned in the above points you have to visit After visiting this website you have to tap the ‘Activate your smart phone’ option.
  6. After this you will notice some prompts that are happening on your screen. This will help you in activating your mobile device but you have to follow all the instructions carefully.
  • Visit the website: If you want to know about the QLink compatible phones at Walmart with affordable prices then you can read this link as it contains all the necessary information regarding QLink phones with affordable prices.

Metro PCS phone deals for existing customers

There are various deals available for the existing customers of Metro PCS phones. Metro PCS offers its services with the help of T-Mobile because T-Mobile acquire Metro PCS in 2020. It offers various other services and advantages that are explained above and due to these advantages; it becomes the top network carrier in the United States. It works in the favour of the customers or the society. The best part is that it provides T-Mobile as a prepaid and no-contract provider.

If you are an existing user of Metro PCS means you are a customer for the last 90 days then you will get the advantage of several phone offers, service plans, and other promotions. If you are a customer of a dollar 60 unlimited LTE plan then you will be eligible food the debate of dollar 50 in cash for any phone that you are choosing according to your need and convenience. The best part is that the same discounts are offered to the Metro PCS customers as well but it offered only to those who are the customers of this carrier for the last three months. However, if you are a regular customer then you can upgrade your phones easily.

  1. Deal on an unlimited Metro PCS phone for $60/month for current customers

If you are a current customer and want to get a deal on an unlimited Metro PCS phone then you have to pay a dollar 25 in advance to the metro PCS carrier provider and one more thing is that you have to pay a dollar 60 per month to get 35 GB of data. The best part is that you can get the services on any of the 28 phones. This deal provides you the data plan with high-speed internet of 4G under the T-Mobile LTE Network. One more thing that you should note here is when you reach the limit of your high-speed internet quota or go over your data allotment in a day then the speed of the network will slow down to 3G from 4G by the service providers. It includes various other things that are listed below.

  • 35GB of unrestricted full-speed internet.
  • Unending texts
  • Cellular hotspot
  • All-day, every-day discussion time
  • Four more lines
  • Mobile hotspot data of 5GB
  • 100GB of cloud storage via Google One
  • Kindle Fire
  • International calls with Global Voice.
  1. Metro PCS phone deals for existing customers at $30/month for 2GB

If you are an existing customer of Metro PCS then you will get a deal at dollar 30 per month for 2GB for any of the 28 phones the upfront cost is dollar 25. If you are using high-speed internet accessibility under the 2GB data then it includes various restrictions. You have to follow all the rules properly to get services. When you reach the maximum limit of your high-speed internet data then your speed may reduce to 3G by the providers. The features it includes are unlimited texting and worldwide Talktime. The best part is that all these features are available under the dollar 30 2GB plan. One more thing is that it also includes various other features and the list of these features is given below.

  • Full-speed data of 2GB
  • Unending text
  • 4 more lines at a monthly cost of $30 for each
  • Nationwide conversation
  • Maximizer of data
  • Voice calls internationally to more than 140 nations
  • Streaming of high-definition video in 480 pixels.

If you want to share your 2GB of the internet with your loved ones then you can share it at the cost of dollar 30 per month. The best thing about this deal is that you can call at least 140 countries from the United States as it is included in the offer of Metro PCS. One more advantage is there that you can stream online DVD quality videos as well but it is available under the data maximizer. Therefore you can watch videos on any smart phone screen but under the data maximizer mode. If you want to stream the videos with the finest quality then you can subscribe to metro PCS high definition video services and for this, you have to pay more.

  1. Deal on an unlimited 35GB Metro PCS phone for $50/month for existing customers

If you are an existing customer of the unlimited Metro PCS phone plan then you will get up to 28 phones and 35 GB of full-speed internet at a cost of Dollar 50 per month. The upfront cost of this unlimited scheme is Dollar 25. The best part is that it uses the 4G LTE network for its high-speed internet. One more thing is that when you reach the high-speed quota of your daily data or data cap then the network providers will reduce the speed from 4G or 5G to 3G. Therefore, you will get a slower network speed until your next pack is started or if you need high-speed data then you have to pay extra charges.

  • 35GB of unlimited full-speed internet
  • endless hotspot
  • cellular hotspot
  • non-stop countrywide communication
  • Four more lines
  • mobile hotspot data of 5GB
  • International calls with Global Voice
  • Cloud storage of 100 GB

There are various other options available through that you can demonstrate your generosity towards your friends and family means you can give them free internet access if they are in need. Here, you have to use your 5G mobile data hotspot. If you want to give the data to your family members then the four more lines are included in your package and you will get a dollar 30 per month from that family member to whom you are offering your gift.

  1. Metro PCS phone deals for existing customers at $40/month and 10GB

One more deal is available for the existing customers under Metro PCS phone deals. You can use this deal on any of the 28 phones. If you spend dollar 40 per month then you will get 10 GB of full-speed data. One more thing that you should note here is the upfront cost of this 10 GB plan is dollar 25. If you reach the limit of your high-speed 4G LTE data that permit you under this deal then the internet speed immediately decreases to the 3G by the providers. The best part of this deal is that it provides various other features or characteristics in the favor of the customers and these features are as follows:

  • Full-speed internet 10GB
  • Endless national conversation
  • Unending text
  • Up to 4 additional lines at $30 per line per month
  • Maximizer of data
  • Calls were made internationally to more than 140 nations.

One disadvantage of this dollar 40 per month 10 GB Metro PCS phone deal is that it does not offer a Mobile hotspot with its internet services. This thing will stop you from connecting with your loved ones, family, and friends because sometimes people may conduct to their friends with the help of a hotspot. However, you have one more option you can charge your family members at 12:30 per month if you offer then the extra four-line services.

  1. Deals on Low-Cost Samsung Metro PCS phones for current customers

If you are looking for low-cost Samsung phones then this deal is also available under Metro PCS services for the current customers. The low-cost Samsung phones include the Samsung J7 prime and Samsung Galaxy A6. You can choose any of these two phones for the upgradation from old to new. The details regarding these phones are given below. So, if you want to know about these phones and their specifications then, read it further.

  • Samsung Galaxy A6

Samsung Galaxy A6 is one of the best options if you are looking for low-cost Samsung phones under Metro PCS as it offers various features. The list of their features includes a 5.6-inch screen, 16 MP selfie camera, 2.0 micro USB, FM radio, 32GB of internal memory, 720*1480 P screen quality, etc. The best part is that these are only a few features of this reasonable price mobile phone. This phone works well for your daily usage work as you can use it wisely for making calls browsing the internet and interacting with people on social media. One more thing that you should know here is if you are an existing customer of metro PCS then the Samsung Galaxy A6 is available on monthly phone plans as well. It includes dollar 30 or dollar 50 plans. The list of some best specifications of this mobile phone is given below.

  • Network 4G LTE on T-Mobile
  • Either $149 for the $50/month unlimited plan or $359 upfront for the $30/month 2GB offer.
  • No limits on international calls or messages
  • Mobile hotspot with 4G LTE
  • $30/month for 2GB of data or $50/month for 35GB
  • A 5GB mobile hotspot data.
  • Galaxy J7 Prime

Samsung J7 prime is one of the inexpensive Samsung phones. It offers various smart features to its users. The list of their features includes a 5.5-inch display, 8mp front-facing camera, 3300mah battery, and the octa-core Exynos processor. The best part is that these are only a few features among the wide list of other features. If you are the person who is looking for a mid-range smart phone that fits your economical situation then this is the best one. If you want to use your phone for the tasks like social media networking, light gaming, and web browsing then it may work well.

If you are purchasing this phone with shopping mode then this is also available and most importantly it is available with various plans like dollar 50 per month or dollar 60 per month with 35 GB. The two data plans that are anticipated from Metro PCS are as follows.

  • Network 4G LTE on T-MobileCustomers exclusively in-store pay nothing up ahead.
  • After surpassing the high-speed quota or data cap, 35GB of limitless data per month at a slower speed
  • 15 GB of mobile 4G LTE coverage
  • One Cloud Storage by Google
  • Purchasing Amazon Prime for $60 each month
  • Nationwide conversation time without limits.
  1. Deals on LG phones from Metro PCS for current customers

Metro PCS carrier providers provide deals on LG phones for their current customers with the help of T-Mobile. Mobile cells LG phones on discounts your existing customers in addition to the Samsung phones. This is the best deal for customers who want to change their old phones to new phones. With the help of these discounts, you can easily switch to the new one. One more thing is that you have to pay some amount for this phone switching services as T-Mobile may ask you that for this deal you have to pay the modest feel or you have to pay the portion of the cost of your phone that you are chosen to switch.

If you want to get the services but want some bargaining on the prices then you can contact the Metro PCS customer service by dialing their customer service number. Now, when you make up your mind about this deal you may want to know, which LG phones are offered under the service? There is three LG phones that is offered by Metro PCS under this deal and the details are as follows.

  • LG Aristo 2

LG Aristo 2 is a high-quality smartphone on a tight budget. So, if you want a high-quality smartphone then you can go for it. One more thing that you should know about this phone is that it is included under the metro PCS discounts phones means you can choose this phone as well at the time of upgrading your old phone with the new one. It includes various features like a 5 MP selfie camera, 7-hour battery life, 13 mp back camera, etc. The reviews of this mobile phone are remarkable because of its features and high quality.

  • LG K20 Plus

If you are a type of customer who is searching for a simple phone then LG k20 Plus is one of the best options that suit your requirements. If you only want to browse the internet and communicate with people on social media then you can go for it. It includes various other features as well. It is a mid-range phone with outstanding features like a 13MP rear camera, 32GB of storage, and 14-hour Talk time. The best part of this phone is that the Android 7.0 nougat OS features and also other features are available to their users.

  • LG K51

LG K51 is one of the most famous and reasonably priced cell phones. The cell phone is in the mid-range phones that anybody can afford easily. It includes various features and the features are helpful for the users. The list includes 6.5-inch FHD full vision screen, 13mp front cameras, 13mp rare cameras, a 400 mah battery, 23.2 GB memory, 32GB ROM, 3GB Ram, and also offer other remarkable features. The best part of this phone is that it is considered best for those who only want to talk on the phone, send text messages, use social media to interact with their loved ones, surf the internet, view videos, and play simple games. So, you can go for it if it satisfies your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions are attached here which are asked by a lot of people in large numbers and it may be that these questions are also bothering you. So, if you want more clarity on Metro PCS Phones for current Customers then refer to the questions which are given below. If still there is any query then you can research it on your own as this will help you in getting more detail.

  1. Does Metro PCS have upgrades for existing customers?

Yes, there are various upgrades available for the existing customers on Metro PCS. If you are a long-time Metro PCS customer then you can update your mobile devices easily. Hair long time means you have to be a customer for at least 90 days.

  1. How can I use my phone with Metro PCS?

You can use your phone with Metro PCS easily as the whole process of using it is very simple and uncomplicated. The complete procedure is First; make sure that your mobile device is unlocked because this carrier provider does not support locked devices. One more thing you should note here is that your mobile is functioning with the T-Mobile network. If you are unable to unlock your phone then you can contact your prior career service provider as they will help you in unlocking it.

When you confirm to the Metro PCS providers that your device is unlocked and compatible with this carrier’s services then you will get your SIM card with the help of the nearest Metro PCS Store. After getting a SIM card you have to visit this website, https://www.metrobyt-mobile com/self-service/activate. This website helps you in choosing any plan according to your convenience means that suits your requirements and then you are ready to start.

  1. What is the Name the best Metro PCS compatible phones.

The list of best compatible phones is very wide because currently there are a lot of devices available that are compatible with Metro PCS. The most prominent models are iPhone 12 model, iPhone 13 model, Samsung Galaxy A12 And Galaxy A52 5G, Motorola models that include various phones like Moto G Play, Moto G Pure, and Moto G Power, OnePlus variant and it includes Nord N 100 and Nord N 10 5G, N-Gage X 100, REVVL V T-Mobile.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, after reading this article you will come to know about the deals on Metro PCS phones that are available for the existing customers. You may come to know about the operating system that you can easily upgrade from an old phone to a new phone with Metro PCS phone discounts for current users. All the data packages that are available under Metro PCS explain above and include the dollar 30 per month for 2GB, dollar 4 0 per month for 10 GB, dollar 50 per month for 35 GB, etc. If you register for the services not only for yourself but for the family as well then you can get four more SIM cards that are included in the bundles for family members. This is one of the easiest ways to connect with your loved ones, family members, and friends. If you still have any doubt regarding anything then you can research it on your own because your research will add up to your existing knowledge and provide you with a better understanding.

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