Where can I buy cards to watch Netflix?

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Netflix gift card, Where to buy, How to use –  Some of today’s most popular and important series have premiered on Netflix, making it one of the world’s top entertainment venues. You can pay a Netflix subscription with your bank card and receive the charge on a monthly basis, but it is not the only option: you can use a Netflix gift card to pay for an existing account or to activate a new one.

When you want to give someone a good session of movies and series, a Netflix gift card can help you pay for an account on the streaming service or you can let them have an account directly and try the service. Watching TV shows, movies, documentaries … What do these cards allow us to do? Giving away something that we know will not fail in these times, and that will enable the recipient to see all the content of the most popular platform for many months that the subscription lasts. It may even be given to ourselves if, for instance, we wish to pay by cash and not by credit card. Here are some of the benefits of gift cards.

What is a Netflix gift card?

With a Netflix gift card, you load the amount you want onto a physical card. You do not give away a subscription of one month or two months, but rather you give away an exact amount of money that the person can use to save up for the subscription. The person who receives the gift decides which subscription to choose as well as how he will manage the money. Therefore, you can give someone 70 Dollars and the number of months they have depends less on your gift and more on which Netflix plan you select from the three available and how many screens, screens or registered devices each plan allows.

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If you don’t have a credit card and wish to pay for Netflix in cash, you can use it to gift someone or for other purposes. It works the same way in both cases: you buy a physical gift card and enter an amount of money, then you redeem it from your Netflix profile with this amount added. You can enjoy the account until the balance runs out.

Gift cards work like a money balance, so they won’t provide you with a specific plan or account. If you have a balance left you can use it to choose the type of plan you want although, of course, there are some subscription plans that are more expensive than others. The person does not have to already have an account; they can create one at that time and use the money to pay until it is spent. If you have paid ten Dollars for a subscription and there are three Dollars left over from your gift card, you will have to pay out of pocket to continue the subscription for another month. Ideally, you should bet on clear multiples that can be redeemed according to your subscription.

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Where can you buy a Netflix gift card

Netflix gift cards can be purchased online or in person. When paying at the cash register, we can find these cards at many establishments. Similar to buying a credit card from any operator at a prepaid rate. If you are going to buy them from a physical establishment, you do not have to use a credit card. You can pay cash and exchange your account funds. Additionally, it doesn’t matter where you buy them because they can be used anywhere as long as they have been purchased in the same currency as the country in which Netflix is available.

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How does Netflix gift card work?

Netflix gift cards work in the following way:

  • For yourself or for someone else, you can purchase the gift card with the amount you want
  • and add it to your Netflix account
  • so that it is added to your balance
  • Based on the subscription you have or are going to choose, the balance is discounted as months pass
  • – if the balance runs out, you will no longer be able to access

Basically, you give someone a certain amount of money and they can exchange it for a subscription. As such, you don’t give away a subscription, but rather a balance that can be used to watch TV shows and movies for several months depending on how much you give or recharge the card. If you wish to give Netflix to someone in cash, then you will not need to have that person’s account; it is enough if you hand over the Netflix card and the recipient redeems it by accessing their account or by creating a new one. The card can be bought after you create the account, if that is what you want. Although you cannot redeem the balance in two different accounts at the same time, it will automatically be added to one when you enter the code, so think about it before copying it to the corresponding website.

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How to redeem the gift card

The Netflix gift card can either be physical or virtual, depending on your needs. The card can be purchased in a store by paying with cash and recharging the balance you want or you can buy a virtual card by using your usual credit card and sending it to that person to give them as a gift. This is interesting if you have to give something to a family member or friend in times of pandemic or to be at home since you do not have to leave yours.

In this article, we explain how you can redeem each one of these to start watching the series and movies.

When it’s physical

Following are the steps to be followed if your scratch card is physical.

  • Log on to Netflix’s website at netflix.com/redeem
  • if you have already created an account there, Log in Directly
  • and scratch the back with a coin
  • a PIN code will appear
  • you must enter the PIN code on the web page you have to gain access to your account’s content

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If you have accumulated a balance in your Netflix account, you will have access to it. As soon as it is used up or your subscription will not be renewed, you will be notified and can decide whether to “abandon” the profile or if you manually add an alternative payment method to finish the series you have half completed.

When it’s a digital gift card

This gift may have been sent via email or the recipient may have given you the code on paper without any physical support. The code can still be seen by scratching the card, but we no longer have to scratch the card to see it. The steps we must follow in that case are similar, but the way we enter the pin varies.

  • Go to netflix.com/redeem and enter your pin.
  • Follow the link in the email you received.
  • Log into your Netflix account if you have one.
  • Enter the PIN code that comes in the email
  • . Your balance will be credited to your new account or the one you already have

Netflix Gift Cards balance Check

Gift cards can be associated with your account if you have decided to purchase them with your own money rather than use a credit card, or if you have several friends or relatives who have given you the same gift. All you need to do is follow the previous procedure and write down the codes that appear in all of them. Having them will add the balance to your profile so you can use it.

When the balance you have left, or the one you have been given, is not enough to pay for a subscription, you can add a payment method to cover the rest of the costs. Netflix will allow you to view content on your profile during the proportional portion of a given month if you do not have a payment method registered and the balance is not sufficient to cover the entire subscription. During a part of the month, you can consume the balance until it is gone. You will be notified when the credit is running low. A message will be sent to you seven days before it runs out completely. At that point, you can decide whether to renew or cancel.

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If you are not going to use the cards, you can keep the balance as long as you want. Therefore, if you have received a Netflix gift card but do not have time to watch series or movies, you can wait to activate it. You can redeem your balance whenever you have time by following the steps explained in the previous paragraphs.

Keep using Netflix without a card

The website explains several details to take into account … as an example. Changing Netflix plans will change the rate at which the balance is used. If you choose a different plan, you will spend more or less or at a faster pace. You can watch Netflix until your balance on your gift card runs out if you cancel your account. the balance and the month are spent, you will stop watching the series. Would you like to continue watching Netflix? Once the card balance is exhausted, you can add a payment method to resume the subscription.

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How to Recharge Netflix Gift Card

Steps to add a payment method are as follows:

  • Log into your Netflix account
  • and click on the profile picture in the upper right corner
  • to open the dropdown menu
  • and select “Account.”

Click on “Subscription and billing” in the first section. You can add your credit card or PayPal by tapping the “Add a payment method” button.

Does Netflix Has Refund Option?

You should know that Netflix gift cards are non-refundable under any circumstances. In other words, once we’ve bought them or redeemed them, we won’t be able to recover the money from our account. They can’t be refunded or canceled. There is no way to get back the amount you paid for a Netflix gift card if the recipient doesn’t have an account or does not want it. As these cards are not personal or nontransferable, you can give them to others or use them yourself.

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As well, if you have already applied the balance of a Netflix card to an account, you will be able to watch streaming content during the months of service corresponding to the balance of the Netflix gift card, but you will never be able to recover the money. The subscription can be canceled whenever you want so that it isn’t automatically renewed, but you can continue using the platform for as long as the balance lasts.

What should you keep in mind Choosing Netflix Gift Card?

You have probably thought about accessing Netflix’s varied programming without the interruptions of advertisements. However, you don’t have a credit card or maybe you want to gift it to someone as a gift. What options do you have to give access to this platform? Purchase a Netflix subscription. It is fortunately possible to acquire gift or prepaid cards for accessing the company’s services; the most attractive feature is that you don’t have to provide your bank information to acquire them. You will need to create an account on the platform in order to take advantage of this, it is a great option for you or to make a gift. After acquiring your gift card, you will want to know which are the most recommended series and movies on this platform, here we have a selection of those that have very successful results.

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A prepaid card can be purchased in a physical format from an authorized establishment with 100% confidence; if you purchase it that way, it will cost the same as purchasing it electronically; however, there are many other internet sites that can offer incredible deals; however, you may be the victim of fraud.

In addition, you need to consider the currency when you purchase the prepaid card. The card should be acquired in euros, not dollars or any other foreign currency, as this would cause problems once the balance on the card is used up. It would not be equivalent to charging for consumption in Euros if, for example, a $25 card equals 22 euros.

The card does not allow you to enjoy the service for months at a time; that is, you do not buy the card for months of programming, but the balance is used up as you enjoy the service. Cards cannot be transferred to other users and cannot be refunded.

How can I Buy Card to Buy Netflix

Many websites will present you with incredible deals for Netflix gift or prepaid cards, but the truth is that those offers are too good to be true and will leave you with nothing in the end.

You can be confident that you will receive a valid code to use your gift or prepaid card when purchasing your card through Start select , an official partner of the company, when you purchase your card through them.

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It will be necessary to create a user or profile if you have never used the platform, and once you have requested your card you will receive a code in your email account and on your screen, so you can exchange the card and begin enjoying the streaming services offered by this company.

Depending on the card you have purchased, the duration will vary, but don’t worry, you can recharge it to continue to use it. Whenever you are close to using up all your Netflix credit, Netflix will notify you and ask you if you want to extend it.

Netflix gift card benefit

Keep in mind that you can access the service based on how much you’ve purchased via the card. You could take advantage of this offer for another month if you add more to the credit on the card, but if you buy a gift card for 15 euros, you can enjoy two months with a basic plan which costs 7.99 Dollars. In the meantime, if you prefer to have your own account and cancel the monthly subscription, then you can share the screen with a family member. We will show you how by following the link below.

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