Check Staples Gift Card Balance


Check Staples Gift Card Balance

How To Check Staples Gift Card – You must be wondering how to check Staples Gift Card balance, then this article is just for you. Staples has everything you need, whether you’re restocking your home office supplies or treating yourself to the newest technological advancements. It’s crucial to know how to check the balance on your Staples gift card before you start shopping. We’ll walk you through all the different ways to effortlessly manage your money and make sure you never spend a single cent in this blog article! To know more about other gifts cards visit 

Key Takeaways

  • Check your Staples Gift Card balance online, by phone, or in-store.
  • Staples Gift Cards never expire.
  • You can reload a Staples Gift Card with more money.
  • Contact Staples customer service if your balance seems incorrect.

What is a Staples Gift Card?

A Staples gift card allows you to give the gift of your choice. There are no limitations and the receiver is free to choose the office supplies or organizing products that they require most. Gift cards from Staples are practical and adaptable instruments that let recipients select from an extensive selection of office supplies, technology items, furniture, and more at Staples physical stores or online. For coworkers, staff members, acquaintances, or relatives that value high-quality office supplies, these gift cards are the ideal gift. Everyone can find something at Staples, from ergonomic chairs to printer ink.

A Staples gift card is always appreciated, whether it’s for back-to-school shopping or stocking up on supplies for the home office. It eliminates uncertainty when giving gifts and guarantees that the recipient will receive just what they require or desire from one of the top suppliers of office supplies in North America.

What are the ways to check  Staples Gift Card balance?

Keeping an eye on the balance on your Staples gift card is crucial for hassle-free purchasing. Thankfully, there are several simple ways to quickly find out how much money you still have. Those are-

  1. Checking the balance on your Staples gift card online is one practical way to do so. You can easily find out the balance by going to the official Staples website and inputting the information from your gift card.
  2. If you’d rather take a more conventional route, then directly call your gift card company to find out the balance.
  3. To find out how much money is left in your account, just give the provided customer support number a call and follow the instructions.
  4. If you’re the type of person who prefers face-to-face communication, visiting a Staples store will let you have a direct conversation with a representative who can help you check the balance on your gift card at the customer service desk or checkout counter.

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What are the steps to check Staples Gift Card Balance Online?

You must be thinking how to check Staples Gift Card Balance Online .You can complete it quickly and easily from the comfort of your own home. You can keep track of the remaining balance on your Staples gift card at all times with this easy online solution that saves you time. The following steps will help you –

  1. Go to the Staples official website first.
  2. Go to the gift cards area, which is typically located at the bottom of the page or on the top menu bar.
  3.  Find the option to check the balance on your gift card from there. 
  4. You’ll be asked to enter your PIN code and gift card number when you click that. Just accurately enter these details
  5. Then select “Check Balance.” Your remaining balance will show on the screen in a matter of seconds. 

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What are the steps to check Staples Gift Card Balance By Phone?

It is easy and quick to check the balance on your Staples gift card over the phone. You may conveniently stay informed about available money for all your office supply needs without having to visit a shop or log in online by calling your Staples gift card balance. It’s an easy method to keep track of your expenditures and make future plans for purchases at Staples.

To get in touch with Staples over phone, follow this steps-

  1. Give a call to call the toll-free number listed on the back of your gift card or go to their website. To view your current balance, when requested, enter the security code and your gift card number.
  2. Along the way, the automated system will walk you through the steps and tell you how much credit is left on your Staples gift card.
  3. Make sure you have a pen and paper available so you can record any instructions or crucial information that are shared during the call.

What are the steps to check Staples Gift Card Balance In Store?

Checking your gift card balance in-store is a simple choice if you’re wondering how much it is while you’re out shopping at Staples. These are the steps you can follow-

  1. Head to the closest Staples store with your gift card in hand. Seek out a customer service agent or sales colleague who can help you with the balance check.
  2. Just ask the person at the cash register or service desk to check the balance on your Staples gift card. 
  3. The staff will swipe or scan your card via their system to tell you how much credit is left on your gift card.

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Is there any Staples gift card balance app?

Staples’ gift card balance app puts convenience at your fingertips. You can quickly and easily check the balance on your Staples gift card with this user-friendly application from anywhere at any time. With a few clicks on your smartphone, you can quickly log in and view your current balance with the Staples gift card balance app. 

The convenience of having everything in the palm of your hand eliminates the need to hunt for receipts or contact customer support. You will get alerts when your credit is about to run low, or you can monitor your spending to make sure you’re making the most of every dollar on your card. Organize yourself and never forget to use your Staples gift card with the practical features of the app. 

Can you reload a Staples gift card ?

The ease of cashless shopping is provided by Staples gift cards, but you can refill them after they run out. Yes, you heard it right! Reloading your gift card with more money from Staples gives you the freedom to use it for other purchases in the future. Reloading your Staples gift card allows you to quickly add money to it anytime you need it without having to buy a new one.

The straightforward procedure of reloading a Staples gift card can be completed in-person at any Staples location or online at the Staples website. Make sure you have your current gift card details available when reloading online, then follow the instructions to add additional dollars. If you would rather reload in person, simply go to a nearby Staples and ask a member of staff for help. This feature increases value and convenience for both individual use and gifting purpose.

What to do if my Staples gift card balance is incorrect?

Here are several actions you can take if, after checking online or in-store, the balance on your Staples gift card appears to be incorrect:

  • Examine the transaction history twice: To make sure the disparity isn’t the result of any forgotten transactions, read over any recent purchases made using the card.
  • Check the balance check procedure again: occasionally, technical issues can arise. To rule out temporary errors, try verifying the balance once again using a different approach (online vs. in-store).
  • Collect information: For future reference, keep your gift card, any applicable purchase receipts, and any transaction details close to hand.
  • Contact Staples customer service: Give them a call at 1-888-609-6963 and let them know what’s going on. They are able to look into the difference and maybe fix any mistakes.
  • Give specifics: Be ready to provide your card number, PIN (don’t give it out over the phone unless asked), purchase history (if any), and the inaccurate balance you are viewing.
  • Observe instructions: In order to address the issue, customer support may ask for more details or require you to carry out particular actions.

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In Conclusion of the examination of how to check the balance with your Staples gift card, it is evident that there exist several easy methods for keeping track of the available cash for your upcoming shopping adventure. Tracking the balance on your gift card is simple with Staples, whether you like the convenience of online banking, the directness of calling, or the in-person interaction of visiting a physical shop. 

It’s never been simpler to keep track of your Staples gift card balance thanks to the accessibility of technology. These diverse approaches offer simplicity and flexibility that guarantee you maintain control over your spending capacity at all times. Therefore, keep in mind to check your gift card balance before heading to Staples for office supplies or to treat yourself to a new gadget. With only a few clicks or calls, you can stay organized and enjoy hassle-free shopping experiences!

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How to check Staples gift card balance online with pin?

Yes, surely you can check Staples gift card balance online with pin. First find your gift card. Then Turn the card over to reveal the PIN, which is usually four digits, and the card number, which is usually nineteen digits. Go to Staples Gift Card Balance Check, then put the card number Enter your PIN and click on “Check Balance”. Your remaining balance will be shown.

Where to find Staples gift card number and pin?

The actual Staples gift card itself has a back that has the PIN and gift card number.

How long does it take to update Staples gift card balance?

On its website, Staples does not precisely specify when balancing updates will occur. Updates should usually occur instantly or very quickly after a gift card transaction.

Can I check my Staples gift card balance if I don’t have the pin?

Unfortunately, without the PIN, you are unable to check the balance on your Staples gift card over the phone or online. As a security precaution, the PIN keeps unwanted parties from accessing the card’s balance.

How to Check Your Staples Gift Card Balance?

There are three ways to check your Staples Gift Card balance:
Online: Visit the Staples website (, navigate to the “Gift Cards” section, and enter your gift card number and PIN.
Phone: Call Staples customer service at 1-888-609-6963 and provide your gift card number or other verification details.
In-Store: Visit your nearest Staples location, ask a staff member at the customer service desk to check your balance, and provide your gift card for verification.

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