How Can I Make Money Using You Tube?


How Can I Make Money Using You Tube – How to create a YouTube channel and earn money? Can you make a living from your YouTube videos? What are the steps to get to live from a YouTube channel?

The way to make a Youtube channel and make money? Can you make a living? What are the steps? We Can tells you all you will need to know to become an expert youtuber.

Nevertheless the task of youtuber is quite demanding. You shouldn’t be discouraged. You’ll need to be regular. You need to aim for the long run. Then forget the thought of creating money if you need income straight away.

This is all you want to know to make a Youtube station and make money.

Create a YouTube channel

There’s a difference between the second of gain and the moment of work, although creating a YouTube station can be a rewarding activity. Therefore, you’ll have to be somewhat patient and persistent.

Over the course of weeks and months, the level of your videos will improve and you’ll get expertise about what you like and what will not. Time is currently playing for you!

Another qualities required to succeed in making a living on Youtube are:

  • Love making videos and directing: you need to be creative,
    to be passionate and to feel worried by his subject,
  • understand how to place yourself in the place of others: you will always have to search to know what people like and search,
  • be generous: initially, you will indeed offer a lot without necessarily using a return,
  • to be routine in his work. Focus on regularity and quality instead of quantity.
  • Better to make a wonderful movie once a week than three inferior quality movies per week.

How Can I Make Money Using You Tube

How YouTube Works

Over 600 hours of video are uploaded every minute to the Youtube platform. The platform is still experiencing exponential growth.

Youtube is a platform for uploading videos, accessible to all. Youtube is a start-up founded in 2005 and bought by Google in 2006.

Today, 1.5 billion Internet users regularly consult Youtube. They spend an average of 1 hour per day on the platform, which makes Youtube a more than gigantic potential market, in which it is possible to succeed or to drown …

Understand How Videos Ranks On Youtube

It is easy if you wish to earn money with Youtube: your videos must look at the top of the listing for the worried.

The YouTube video rank system is very much inspired by the Google system (let’s not forget that Youtube belongs to Google); it’s based on an internal search engine itself predicated on two fundamental components:

Videos Keywords – You’ll need to insert your key words in the name of your movies, in the title of your playlists, in the subtitles, in the descriptions and in the tags , but also on your audio content as many times as you can, without for you may too unbalance your texts or make them hard to read (since Youtube does not like being cheated). Don’t hesitate to consult the ideal keyword trends out there in the advice of this Youtube search engine, at the Trends tab, or about the Google Trends or Google Adwords site .

THE QUALITY OF YOUR CONTENT: As we’ve seen, Youtube classifies videos based on key words. But it then changes this position based on the quality of the content, in order to present at the peak of the list the most satisfactory videos. Youtube has automatic and effective ways to estimate the quality of a video:
the amount of interactions: remarks (and key words in remarks ),”likes”, sharing, including as a favorite,

The proportion of video length consumed by people: that is the retention rate, the amount of views every day, changes in presence,the amount of inbound links (websites or social networks which publish the URL for your video),
the importance and notoriety of your YouTube channel: amount of videos printed, age, number of fans, regularity of your articles, etc..It will therefore be required to produce movies long enough so that Internet users have enough time to socialize (remark, like), and brief enough so the retention rate remains correct.

Tags are expressions linked to the topic of your video. It’s imperative that you use a significant number of tags to improve the possibilities of”falling” in your articles. By way of instance if you publish a movie entitled Learn English for Children, Course No. 1 , you may add these labels: English Course for Children, English Course for Primary, Language Course CP, Initiation into the English main, Introduction to English primary school , and a lot more.

How to Earn Money From Youtube

Youtube is remunerated from the advertisements disseminated on its website: Ads placed prior to, during or after the movies (skippable or not), overlay advertisements: banners appearing in the base of videos, advertisements on the right side of the screen, commercial sheets located on the right side of their movies. Regarding the movies released by its partners (youtubers known as such by the stage ), Youtube provides them a proportion of the earnings generated by ads.


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