Jobs2shop Review : What is Job2Shop? Read Complete Review, Pros & Cons

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Jobs2shop Review: Get paid to (GPT) and survey sites are two of the most popular ways to earn money on the internet. There are hundreds of options to choose from, some of which are better than others. Check out the full Job2Shop review here.

One GPT website with comments is Jobs2Shop. Feedback from site members is common, but it leaves prospective users curious. Read this Job2shop review to learn more.

In some ways, Jobs2Shop is similar to InboxDollars and Swagbucks. Members can earn money by taking surveys, referring friends, and receiving referral bonuses. This business also offers mystery shopping gigs.

You will find all the information you need in this review – the good, the bad, and everything in between. Now you can make an informed decision.

Jobs2shop Review: What is Job2Shop?

Jobs2Shop is an online platform that pays users for completing surveys and mystery shopping jobs. Jobs2Shop reports that it has over 1,743,316 members.

It has over 7,257,017 evaluation surveys and has paid over $ to members so far.

Jobs2Shop is based out of Port Washington, according to their Facebook page. It was founded in March of 2012.

Discussions about Jobs2Shop Review and user reviews since 2013. InboxDollars comments are similar to information and opinions about this platform.

Jobs2Shop Pros And Cons:

There are pros and cons to every method of making money online. The following are the main pros and cons I discovered about Jobs2Shop. I compiled these records based on consumer reviews, research, my own experience, and information on the Jobs2Shop website. Here are some key points:

Job2Shop Review Pros:

  • Payments are made via PayPal.
  • Payment evidence from actual members is featured on the theJobs2Shop site.
  • There are always a lot of compensated jobs out there.
  • You get a $5.00 welcome bonus when you sign up.
  • Almost anyone is eligible to join Jobs2Shop.
  • Countless paid jobs are always available.
  • Jobs2Shop uses many safety features to keep your private information safe.
  • You will find tons of compensated offers that don’t need credit card info.
  • The registration procedure is super quick and easy.
  • You get a $5.00 bonus for each referral you make.
  • Every survey informs you how long it will take and how much it pays, so you can decide whether it is worthwhile or not.
  • You get access to free printable coupons — no strings attached.
  • A 3-minute survey that pays $1.50 is instantly offered when you register.
  • Unsubscribing from undesirable e-mails is rather straightforward.

Job2Shop Review Disadvantages:

  • To ask payout, at least half of your earnings have to be from evaluations/surveys.
  • Payouts are only made once a month.
  • Many users leave negative feedback due to this payout requirement.
  • Just 1 Jobs2Shop account is permitted per family.
  • Higher paying trial offers require credit card info.
  • If you neglect to cancel trial offers, your credit card will get charged.
  • Some users reportedly have trouble calling support.
  • It may take up to eight weeks to get payment approval for product reviews and other very high-paying jobs.
  • Some users allegedly got plenty of junk e-mail after connecting Jobs2Shop.

Details and opinions suggest an equal number of advantages and disadvantages. The pros and cons are in line with other surveys and GPT sites. Jobs2Shop is loved by some users and disliked by others.

However, several of these drawbacks can be avoided. Skip paying for supplies altogether to avoid credit card problems. You shouldn’t have any trouble getting paid if you make sure 50 percent of your earnings come from surveys and tests.

In general, just be cautious when using compensated supplies. Set a reminder so that you don’t get billed for unnecessary trial supplies. The Jobs2Shop FAQ page is also very helpful. Learn how to create an account on Job2Shop in this review.

Signing Up With Jobs2Shop:

Jobs2shop Review
Jobs2shop Review

You can sign up with Jobs2Shop if you are a U.S. resident and at least 18 years old. Registration is simple and quick. All you need to do is:

  1. Supply your name and email to initiate the procedure.  On the page linked above, there is a form where you will enter this information.
  2. Then you will need to offer a few more details.Jobs2Shop gathers demographic information on another page. It asks for your gender, birthday, and other details.
  3. Click on the link in the confirmation email.Check your Promotions folder to find the confirmation email if you use Gmail. It went to that folder automatically for me.
  4. Start exploring opportunities listed on Jobs2Shop.As soon as you click the confirmation link, you’ll be taken to Jobs2Shop, where you can start earning money.                                                                                   It’s as simple as that. You can access paid surveys, trial offers, and much more. You will also see the $5.00 welcome bonus in your account balance right away.

How To Make Money with Jobs2Shop:

You can make money with Jobs2Shop in a number of ways. There’s no doubt that surveys are a popular choice, and the company is known for its mystery shopping gigs. Here are all your earning options. We’ll also show you how much different jobs pay.

Survey Tests:

It is extremely easy to make money with this choice. Complete market research surveys and get paid for everyone. Peanut Labs is used by Jobs2Shop to host polls. Swagbucks, InboxDollars, and many other big survey websites use this third-party platform.

Before you take surveys, you will need to complete a demographic profile. It is fairly brief. From what I have read and seen, poll payment seems to change a lot. Here are a few examples from my own profile:

  • $1.39 for a 17-minute survey
  • $0.33 for a 12-minute survey
  • $0.41 for a 4-minute poll
  • $0.29 for a 19-minute survey

According to third-party reviews, you can earn up to $2.00 per poll. Polls typically charge between $1 and $2, according to users. I had been offered less than that for other polls, but these were available immediately after registering. Most sites offer high-paying surveys when you are a frequent user.

Mystery Shopping:

Jobs2Shop Matches users with mystery shopping assignments from major mystery shopping companies. Jobs2Shop says they are partnered with high-profile companies too. Mystery shopping involves visiting retailers, restaurants, hotels, and other institutions. Here are some basics:

  • The missions you get may vary. By way of example, you might have to buy an item. Or you might be assessing the retailer’s customer services.
  • Each assignment includes step-by-step instructions.
  • Each mission pays a flat rate.
  • You’re reimbursed for any retail or food purchases you need to make.
  • You’re reimbursed for parking and other costs.
  • You must keep receipts for compensation.
  • Some missions don’t ask you to leave your dwelling. By way of instance, there was an in-home computer repair mission.
  • To get paid, you need to follow the particular instructions/tasks recorded by the mystery shopping business.

Generally, it is an easy and fun way to make money. Mystery shopping is plentiful. A variety of options is available. Here are a few missions I was given:

  • A retail furniture shopping mission that paid $60.
  • A retail shoe shopping mission that paid $25.
  • A cosmetics buying mission that paid $22.
  • A fine dining mission that paid $30.
  • A fitness mission that paid $25.

There are plenty of different assignments to choose from, but this list gives you some insight into your options. Generally, most assignments are paid between $15 and $40. I found a few jobs that paid $60 to $100 or more.

Free and Paid Offer Signups

Jobs2shop Review
Jobs2shop Review

Many major GPT and survey websites offer signups for offers. There are two kinds of offers you can choose from – free trials and compensated trials.

Free offers do not require you to enter your credit card information or make a purchase. A name and email address are usually required.

Businesses will send you promotional e-mails, but you can unsubscribe whenever you want. They are not worth much.

A paid trial usually requires you to spend money on a service or product. A limited time trial may be available for your services, or you may be required to purchase a product.

Food services, for instance, may pay you to sign up for a discounted trial. Several trials are free, but a valid credit card number is still required. It’s important to know, however, that these trial offers are worth more money than they cost.

Using your credit card information to sign up for a trial membership must be cancelled. Otherwise, you might be charged more money after the discounted or free offer ends.

You can set up a calendar reminder to cancel offers before the trial period ends. Jobs2Shop offers the following free and paid trial supplies:

  • Free Offer — $0.59 to subscribe to a Burts Bee’s product sample.
  • Free Offer — $0.59 for signing up with eBates.
  • Free Offer — $0.15 for signing up to get free insurance quotes.
  • Free Offer — $0.13 for signing up to get home insurance quotes.
  • Free Offer — $0.37 for signing up to get free diabetes-friendly recipes.
  • Paid Trial Offer — Winc Wine trial subscription for $14.70. Get a $22 discount at checkout. There is A credit card needed.
  • Paid Trial Offer — $5.04 for signing up to get credit rating information via an undisclosed company. There is A credit card needed.
  • Paid Trial Offer — $3.36 for registering for a free 30-day trial with unnamed faxing services. There is A credit card needed.

With Jobs2Shop, you know exactly when you will be compensated for each deal. The $0.37 free offer for getting recipes is credited to your account within a minute, for instance.

In just two minutes, you will receive $14.70 from Winc Wine. As I discovered, this feature is very useful.

My preferred method of obtaining free supplies is through Jobs2Shop and other platforms. There is always a risk associated with offers that require credit cards.

Jobs2Shop lists several dozen supplies at a time. You can choose the ones that are most suitable for you.


Making money this way is quick and easy. According to Jobs2Shop’s main page, you will receive $5.00 for every friend you refer. This is quite a nice bonus and can quickly add up.

On the site, however, I cannot find more information about referrals. Referral bonuses generally require that you get paid. If you refer a friend, they might have to fill out some surveys before you receive the bonus.

Referral bonuses are discussed in user testimonials. Some reviews indicate no referral program exists. However, it’s currently promoted by Jobs2Shop, so it appears to be available right now. It might only be available for a limited time.

Cash Back Rewards:

Cashback rewards are also listed on Jobs2Shop’s main page. According to Jobs2Shop:

“Take advantage of coupons, deals, and sales with generous cashback rewards. You’ll receive our advertising commissions.”

There is no cashback rewards section in my account when I log in. It may belong to the free offers category. An excellent example is the paid offer to join eBates. Jobs2Shop pays $0.59 to use EBates, a popular money-back portal that is free to use.

Job2shop Review Games:

Jobs2shop Review
Jobs2shop Review

Jobs2Shop offers this learning option, but I cannot find any information about it when I log into my account. The main page states:

“Earn rewards by socializing, playing games, and winning competitions.”

There is not much detail in this statement. It seems like these are limited-time offers that are not always available. GPT sites usually have special offers and rewards. I wouldn’t rely on this as a steady source of income, however.


Other Potential Ways To Make:

Jobs2Shop’s FAQ page mentions additional earning options, but they are not displayed on the home page. Other options are also discussed in user testimonials.

For instance, you may earn $0.10 for every Jobs2Shop email you open and receive. It’s hard to find good info about other potential ways to make, but I wouldn’t rule them out.

Jobs2Shop Payment Info:

Jobs2Shop used to cover members through tests, and this payment evidence can be seen on their website. According to their FAQ, this option is no longer available.

PayPal is the payment method used by Jobs2Shop. An account balance of $25 is required to receive payment. Do not forget that half of your balance must come from survey analysis credits. The FAQ page states:

If you wish to receive a $25 payment, you will need a minimum of $12.50 in Present Evaluation Credit and the remainder through Email Credit. A $50 payment requires at least $25 in Present Exam Credit, and the rest can be fulfilled by Mail Credits.”

According to the FAQ, payments are processed by the 20th of the following month. Let’s say you cashed out $50 in September. PayPal will pay you on October 20th. Payments are processed on the 20th of every month at midnight EST.

Getting a GPT website requires a lengthy wait for payment. Overall, this is not uncommon. Some well-known survey sites only pay once a month.

Many popular survey platforms, such as Vindale Research, have high payout thresholds, but are reputable.

Verdict Job2Shop Review: Is Jobs2Shop A Scam Or The Real Deal?

As a result of my experience and study, I concluded that Jobs2Shop is not a scam. The company offers many legitimate ways to earn money. Free offers, surveys, and mystery shopping appear to be the most popular options.

The Jobs2Shop Privacy Policy provides lots of details about the site’s safety measures. Additionally, the Terms & Conditions page is very transparent.

Having said that, there are some downsides to consider. You must ensure that 50% of your earnings come from taking polls.

Otherwise, you won’t receive payment, no matter how much you earn. Once a month, payouts are made, which is not horrible, but also not ideal.

Please use caution when providing your credit card information for any offers. Failing to cancel trial supplies may result in unauthorized charges to your credit card.

It is always a good idea to check the Jobs2Shop partner websites, as well. InboxDollars and some other GPT sites you use may also use all this information.

As a whole, Jobs2Shop Review concludes that the site is not perfect, but it is not a scam. I think it’s well worth a try if you want to join more GPT and survey sites that pay through PayPal.

Final Thoughts: Job2Shop Review

The best way to make money online is to use as many methods as possible. Frugal For Fewer reviews a variety of sites and programs for our readers.


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