What Store Accepts Google Pay?


What Stores Accept Gpay?

What Store Accepts Google Pay? – Today in this guide we are going to provide information on stores that accept Google Pay as a mode of payment. Nowadays Google Pay has become one of the most used payment modes as it offers security and is also a convenient way to make payments. Google Pay also allows you to make contactless payments at stores. So, if you are a Google Pay user then this guide is for you. We have provided information about the list of stores that accept Google Pay as a mode of payment.

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Key Takeaways

  • Google Pay is a digital wallet that lets you make contactless payments in stores, online, and in apps using your Android phone, tablet, or watch.
  • You can also use Google Pay to send and receive money from friends and family, split bills, pay for transit tickets, earn rewards, and track your spending.
  • Many stores accept Google Pay, including grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, and retail stores.
  • To use Google Pay in stores, simply unlock your phone, hold it near the contactless reader, and then confirm your payment with your PIN or fingerprint.

What is Google Pay?

Google Pay is a digital wallet where you can send and receive money from friends and family. Apart from that you can also make contactless payments in stores and online using the Google Pay app. It also lets you split your bills and earn rewards for making payments. You will be able to track your spending and also check your outstanding balance easily.

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What Stores Accept Google Pay?

Google Pay is accepted in various stores. We have listed a number of participating stores that accept Google Pay as a mode of payment.

No. Name of Stores
1. Aldi
2. Best Buy
3. Chipotle
4. CVS
5. ExxonMobil
6. Kohl’s
7. Kroger
8. McDonald’s
9. Macy’s
10. Panera Bread
11. Rite Aid
12. Starbucks
13. Target
14. Walgreens
15. Whole Foods
16. British Airways
17.  7- Eleven

Source : https://getgovtgrants.com

There are also other places that might be accepting Google Pay which we might have missed out. If you come across other locations please do inform us in the comment section below.

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Major US Retailers That Accepts Google Pay

There are also a number of major US Retailers that accept Google Pay. Check them out below.

  • American Eagle Outfitters
  • Adidas
  • Aeropostale
  • Best Buy
  • Babies R Us
  • Bloomingdale’s
  • Costco
  • Disney Stores
  • Famous Footwear
  • Foot Action
  • Forever 21
  • Gap
  • J Crew
  • JCPenney
  • Kohl’s
  • Levi’s
  • Lucky
  • Macy’s
  • Nordstrom
  • Old Navy
  • Petco
  • Petsmart
  • Sephora
  • REI
  • Target
  • Under Armour
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Victoria’s Secret
  • Wayfair

Restaurants That Accepts Google Pay

  • Baskin-Robbins
  • Burger King
  • Chick-Fil-A
  • Chili’s
  • Domino’s
  • Dunkin’ Donuts
  • McDonald’s
  • Panera
  • Starbucks
  • Subway
  • Taco Bell
  • Wendy’s

Gas Stations That Accepts Google Pay

  • Chevron
  • Costco
  • Circle K
  • Texaco
  • 7-Eleven

Grocery Chain That Accepts Google Pay

  • Acme Markets
  • Aldi
  • Costco
  • Cub Foods
  • Meijer
  • Publix
  • Safeway
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Whole Foods
  • Winn-Dixie

Sporting Goods Stores That Accept Google Pay

  • Adidas
  • Champ’s Sports
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods
  • Foot Locker
  • Nike
  • Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Under Armour

What To Do If You are Not Sure If a Store Accepts Google Pay or Not?

When you come across such situation where you do not have the idea whether the store accepts Google Pay or not, you can follow some steps that has been mentioned below:

  • You can find a sign of Google Pay in their store and thus you can confirm that the store accepts Google Pay.
  • Another thing you can do is search in your Google Pay app about the list of the stores that accept contactless payments near you.

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How Can I Use Google Pay in Stores?

Using Google Pay in Stores is quite simple. All you have to do is follow some basic steps.

  1. First you need to unblock your phone
  2. You can find a contactless reader in the store, you just hold your Google Pay scanner to the readers for one or two seconds.
  3. You need to enter your PIN or fingerprint to confirm your payment,

By following these 3 simple steps you can complete your Google Pay payment in stores.

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Bottom Line

Google Pay is a digital wallet that helps you to send or receive money. You can make payments online, in stores and in apps using Google Pay. Google Pay is very secure and also protects all the personal information of the users thus making it more convenient and simple to use. There are a wide variety of stores that accept Google Pay as a mode of payment. We have already listed the name of stores that accept Google Pay, please check them out above. To get more financial help do visit https://dailyfinanceguides.com/ 

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Is there a way to find out if a store accepts Google Pay?

Yes, there are two ways to find out if a store accepts Google Pay:
Look for the Google Pay logo at the store.
Check the Google Pay app for a list of contactless payment-accepting stores near you.

What stores accept Google Pay?

Many stores accept Google Pay, including:
Best Buy
Panera Bread
Rite Aid
Whole Foods

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