How Much Does It Cost To Paint a Truck a Different Color?

How Much Does It Cost To Paint a Truck a Different Color? – There are many people who want to re-sale their truck and get good value for money. So, it is important for them to repair and re-paint their truck that makes it look new. To know about the best paint service work people can search online and they will also get to know how much does it cost to paint a car.

Macco paint work cost are different according to the paint which they use i.e. metallic paint, gloss paint etc. So, you can check online paint service providers who also provide macco paint work for trucks. Macco paints are not permanent but it also doesn’t lose the color in harsh weather conditions.

Vinyl Wrapping & Cost for Truck

People can also choose to use a vinyl wrap for their truck which will cost somewhere around five thousand dollars. Also, people can check the cost online and compare the rates also with other service providers. Vinyl wraps covers the truck & protects the paint. There are also other paint options available, but most people find Vinyl wrapping affordable compared to other paint works which can be costly.

DIY Paint Work or Professional Painters

DIY paint work can be very tedious for truck. Only an expert can do the paint work all by themselves or with the help of some people. And if you choose a professional for doing the paint work for your truck, then it can cost you up to ten thousand dollars, where you can choose different colors including metal flake.

For a Good Re-Sale Value of Your Truck Choose Expert Painters

Whether your truck is too old or not so old, it is always better that you choose an expert painter to paint your truck, so that you can get a good re-sale value and also it will make your truck look new. For a DIY (do it yourself) paintwork you will have to spend around two hundred dollars and also you should have good paint tools. Also you will have to remove the old coat, paint new color and use primer.

Painting Requirements for Trucks

One of the most important tools that you need to paint the truck by yourself is a spray painting machine. Plus, you need a proper material to scrap the old paint including some chemical liquids. Other essential tools or equipment’s that you should have is an Air compressor,electric sander and pads, metal grinder etc. And you should have a primer, paint thinner, respirator filters etc.

How Much Does It Cost To Paint a Truck a Different Color – Points to Be Considered

To paint your truck you should also have good gloves, unless you are uncomfortable holding the spray machine. And you should wear a transparent glasses and mask, when you do the paint work. Choosing colors depend on you. And don’t be hasty in your paint work; you will have to leave some parts of the truck to dry when you do the paint work. So, it will take time or say days also to finish the paint work. Don’t let your paint dry in the sunlight; or else you will get a faded color and your paint work will be a waste.

Few points that one should keep in mind before doing a paint work by themselves is that the area where you paint the truck should be clean and dust free. Also, make sure that there is sufficient light, but no direct sunlight that can affect the paint. And make sure to cover the windows and wheels with a cover before painting. Use a thinner also and apply 2-3 coats of paint.

Safety Tips When Painting the Truck 

Protect your eye and body and use a hooded cover and gloves. Make sure that your garage is properly ventilated. Also, make sure that there are no flammable substances and chemicals when you paint the truck.

Different Types of Paint Work by Experts

Basic Painting For a Truck

In this type of work you will get a synthetic coat with enamel. And it will cost around $ 1500, but you can check online for the right cost.

Medium or Standard Painting For a Truck

This a complete paint work and the quality of paint is good. And the cost of the paint work depends on the expert’s painters and also on the state of your vehicle.

High Quality Painting For a Truck

This type of paint work requires 1 month in completing the paint, which also includes some repair work on the dents and several coats of paints are applied. And it will cost somewhere less than ten thousand dollars. And for some more colorful paint work like designs you should expect the cost to be somewhere around twenty thousand dollars.

The Cost of Painting Depends on the Following –

Size of the Tuck For Truck Painting

If you have a small truck then the cost of painting will be less and if you have a big truck then it will cost extra.

Correcting the Dents Needed for a Good Paint Work

You will have to spend extra cost if your truck has scratches and also dents, so that your truck gets a good paint work, no matter what color you choose.

Choosing the Paint Color

Affordable colors for painting the truck are grey, white or black. But if you want other colors then you will have to pay extra cost.

Points to Remember When Painting the Truck

Make sure that you remove the old paint from your truck completely before choosing a new paint work. Some important parts of the truck that needs a paint work are door jambs, engine bay, lids and interiors also. And for a good paint work, it is important that you spend some extra dollars. A good truck paint work will always give a good re-sale value. And make sure that you upload the new photo of your truck after the paint work in your important vehicle documents like insurance, registration etc.

Follow the Motor Vehicles Guidelines

It is important that before you make any changes in your truck color, you follow the MV guideline like updating the latest photo in the MV documents etc. Though, there is no need for notifying the MV department if you change the color of the truck.

How to Protect the Truck Paint?

Don’t drive the truck if you don’t have any need to go out. After the paint work of your truck is complete don’t be hasty to leave the garage. Also, check the bills. Make sure you don’t wash the truck immediately after a paint work. And also don’t wash it frequently when it is not dirty. Use mild washing liquids to clean the truck, so that you can protect the paint and shine. And never park your truck under a tree it is not safe.

Common Questions –

What is the cost of paint for a pick up truck?

If you check online you will know that it will cost you below $3500.

How much time is required to complete the paint work of truck?

It depends on what type of truck people have and also it takes around 1 month to complete the entire work depending on various factors like manpower, equipment’s, working hours, drying etc.

What is the additional cost of painting other parts of the truck?

It can cost up to $1000. But you should check the final bill also by the service provider.

Is macco paint work good for truck?

It depends on your choice. You will get affordable as well as branded paint options in macco paint work.

Is it important to remove the old paint work of truck?

Yes. It is important if you want a good and clean paint work for your truck.

Concluding Remark –

Unless you don’t want to resell your truck, don’t do the paint work. Also, it depends on your budget and if you want to paint the truck. Choosing an expert painting service can provide the best paint work for your truck. But you can also do the paint work yourself if you have the skills and follow the safety tips mentioned above. And don’t expose the truck to sun and dust and also make sure that you don’t wash your truck frequently, unless you have taken it out and it has extreme dirt and mud on the tires.

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